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10 Best Beautiful Balcony Flowers

Whether you live in a private house or apartment, owning a balcony is a blessing! The balcony is the perfect space for relaxing to immerse yourself in nature or feel the cool breezes without walking your foot on the street. Evenly, you can turn our small balcony into a quiet and enjoyable oasis right into the busy town. You can achieve all these things by adding some colorful flowers in the post today.

Apart from bringing your balcony an attractive look, they are easy-to-grow plants that are perfect for your balcony garden. Regardless of your balcony get more sun or shade, it isn’t a problem here. With a wide range of different options here, we are sure that you will find the ones which are suitable for your favorite as well as the weather condition of your balcony. So, these flowers are great candidates to turn your small space into a bright colorful garden.

#1 Pansy

Source: Scotlandgrowsmagazine

Pansies are a type of flower that can be found in pots and flower boxes on your balcony. They come in many colors, including shades like pink or blue. Give them shade if the weather is too hot.

#2 Pelargonium

Source: Mydesiredhome

Pelargoniums grow well on balconies in any type of climate. When they get full sun all day, they typically flower best.

#3 Ivy Geranium

Source: Plantmaster

Ivy Geranium can be trained to wrap around the banisters or walls of your balcony. The plant loves growing in well-draining soil and being watered once a week. Give them full sun most days with some shade.

#4 Verbena

Source: Gardeningsoul

The verbena is an ideal plant for your balcony in many colors such as white, red, and pink. It is a hardy plant that prefers to grow in full sun with little water. You also can put them in hanging baskets or window boxes.

#5 Impatiens

Source: Southernliving

Impatiens do well in zones 2-7 and provide color all spring and summer long if they get enough water on a daily basis during hot summer days.

#6 Chrysanthemum

Source: Min.news

Chrysanthemum is a plant for the more moderate zones, from 5 to 9. They prefer to grow in full sun and good drainage to produce stunning flowers to add some extra color to your outdoor space.

#7 Marigolds

Source: Gardeningknowhow

Marigolds are hardy plants that will grow well without much water. They favor growing in hot days and full sun, but they also can grow from early spring to early fall.

#8 Morning Glory

Source: Plantopedia

Morning Glory is a vine plant that you can train to cover any part of your balcony. They need full sun for optimal growth but also tolerate some shade. Its flowers come with many different colors available too.

#9 Begonias

Source: Freepik

Begonias show off beautiful flowers that have bright blooms. They grow happily in plenty of sun or shade and moisture soil. However, take your begonias indoors when the first signs of frost appear.

#10 Petunia

Source: Nature-and-garden

Petunias are a great plant for balconies and can tolerate some drought. They require at least 6 hours of full sun per day and don’t need to water them every day.

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