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10 Best Climbing Rose Varieties To Grow For Your Landscape

The beauty of the flowers is always a unique symbol of the natural world, and roses are a great example. It brings a charming, mysterious beauty of the delicate, smooth wings, which contain a tremendous attraction, it is a passionate, sweet fragrance. You can prune them into shrubs and trees, grow them in containers, or allow them to run will, any way you want to enjoy their beauty and heavenly scent.

If you are finding plants to have a beautiful garden, growing climbing rose flowers on a trellis, a fence, or a garden fence makes for an exceptional show-stopper that you will fall in love with their beauty. What’s more, softening the appearance of the otherwise plain wood, metal, or stone structure. It not only attracts you but also will surely be an eye-catcher for anyone passing by. Now, start your rose garden with some of the 10 Best Climbing Rose Varieties below!

#1 Fourth of July (Rosa ‘Fourth of July’)

Source: Gardentags

This rose grows 12 to 14 feet tall and 3 to 6 feet wide, so it is a large-flowered climber that displays profuse clusters of large, semi-double blooms that are red-and-white-striped. Its growth zones are from 6a to 9b and it requires full sun, well-drained, loamy, and slightly acid soil.

#2 Peace (Rosa ‘Peace’)

Source: Rhsplants

Peace (Rosa ‘Peace’) is a hybrid tea rose with a fruity scent and can grow up to 20 feet or more making it a rampant, far-reaching climber. It gives a stunning look when grown on a fence or large wall with full, ruffled, yellow-and-pink, extra-large flowers that can be 6 inches across. It grows well in planting zones 6b to 9b and in containers, hedges, borders, beds, and mass plantings.

#3 Dublin Bay (Rosa ‘Dublin Bay’)

Source: Whiteflowerfarm

This variety is a sun lover that grows 8 to 12 feet tall and up to 5 feet wide. It offers medium to large-sized rich, velvety red flowers. The flowers have a mild, fruity perfume; and the leaves are a dark, glossy green color. Its flowers bloom for a very long time, often throughout the growing season. It blooms brightly when gets 6 hours of sun per day.

#4 Westerland (Rosa ‘Westerland’)

Source: Gardenersworld

Westerland (Rosa ‘Westerland’) is a winter-hardy type and also is an excellent climber that achieves 5 to 12 feet tall and 4 feet wide. The flowers are large, semi-double to double bloom in size, copper-orange to apricot in color, and extremely fragrant. In late fall or early winter (depending on the climate), you should prune this climber lightly to help protect it from the wind.

#5 Altissimo (Rosa ‘Altissimo’)

Source: Fineartamerica

Altissimo (Rosa ‘Altissimo’) can reach 7 to 20 feet tall and 5 to 8 feet wide when mature. It produces clusters of small buds that open into stunning single flowers with velvety, bright red petals and central clusters of showy yellow stamens. Its leaves are glossy and contribute to the rose’s brilliance. This small climbing rose can also be shaped into a tall shrub. To enjoy the best blooms, fertilize this rose twice a year, once in spring and once in summer, and prune it just once, in winter.

#6 Souvenir de la Malmaison (Rosa ‘Souvenir de la Malmaison’)

Source: Flickr

This rose is extremely vigorous and has canes that can extend to 20 feet in height and 8 feet in width. It shows off pale pink, full-petaled, and quartered flowers that spread a strong scent.

#7 Iceberg (Rosa ‘Iceberg’)

Source: Armstronggarden

Iceberg (Rosa ‘Iceberg’) is one of the finest climbing roses that grows vigorously up to about 15 feet. It produces profuse flowering and repeats extra-large blooms with full, ruffled blossoms. The flowers have little to no scent making this its downside.

#8 American Beauty (Rosa ‘American Beauty’)

Source: Garden

American Beauty (Rosa ‘American Beauty’) is a hybrid tea rose that grows 12 to 15 feet tall with long canes making it ideal for training up walls or trellises. Its flowers are deep, cupped dark pink in color. This hardy rose needs full sun but also can tolerate shade.

#9 Royal Sunset (Rosa ‘Royal Sunset’)

Source: Visitdenmanisland

The size of the ‘Royal Sunset’ extend 10 feet. It puts off dark, bronzy-green, glossy leaves on a stiff cane. This repeat bloomer can make gorgeous bouquets with shapely, large, apricot-colored blooms. Its flower has a strong fruity fragrance. After two years old of planting, this rose’s repeat blooms mostly.

#10 Cécile Brunner (Rosa ‘Cécile Brunner’)

Source: Rhsplants

This rose is a rampant climbing rose that can grow up to 20 feet in height and 6 feet in width. It showcases beautifully shaped buds and then come petite clusters of blush-pink flowers. The flowers have a sweet, spicy, tea-like scent. This rose prefers to grow in full sun but also tolerates some shade and can grow in north-facing sites.

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