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10 Best Herbs To Grow Together in A Pot

Why many people grow plants together in a pot (or containers)? There are some reasons for this. First, some plants require the same gardening methods, then this saves gardeners a lot of time. Some do not compete for nutrients in soil as their needs for the growth are different. Next, bigger plants help create shade for small plants when planted in one spot. Some also helps improve the flavor of their companions. Finally, some help repel pests of each other. Enough for a charming pot of multiple plants, right?

In this post, we love to talk about herbs. We’re introducing 10 best herbs that you can grow together in a pot. They are all commonly-used herbs for daily foods, so surely help with your cooking. There is one thing interesting that some are ready to harvest in just a month and offer many crops a year. Nothing is better than trimming off some herbs in your pot right before you cook the food. This herb pot is also a pretty decoration of the home. Let’s check them out!

#1 Rosemary

Rosemary is great to grow directly in soil in the garden or in containers. If you place these pots inside the house, keep them near window so that they can get direct sunlight. They just love it to grow.

#2 Sage

One of my favorite Mediterranean herbs that I often spend a spot in my garden for. I also love planting them in pots.

#3 Thyme

Once I see thyme, I think of the traditional English ballad “Scarborough fair”. Just love its melody as the way I love thyme.

#4 Cilantro

Cilantro prefer cold weather for best growth. So, you should plant them in spring and fall.

#5 Basil

Like cilantro, basil cannot be missed in this category.

#6 Marjoram

Your window would be more charming with a marjoram pot and its companions. These plants are perfect to grow indoor.

#7 Oregano

Many reasons to grow this perennial herbs either in your garden or in pot. It does not require much effort to grow but is sprinkled over a variety of dishes. Pizzas are a great example.

#8 Tarragon

Tarragon is perennial herb that you can harvest for years. Offer a deep depth of flavor to the dish, this herb is often used in French cuisine.

#9 Parsley

Parsley grows well outdoor or in containers inside the house. You can start with the seeds.

#10 Lavender

A perennial herb that comes back to your garden year after year.

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