10 Best Plants To Grow With Tomatoes

10 Best Plants To Grow With Tomatoes

Tomatoes are one of the most popular vegetables for daily meals. They’re a key ingredient in a variety of salads. Tomatoes are also great to add to stir fry and made into juice. I just love tomato juice so bad. It’s an excellent source of vitamins and minerals. For these things, why not grow tomato plants directly in your garden and containers? They grow easily and produce well. Homegrown tomatoes are healthy and fresh. You can eat them right after harvesting them. Nothing is better than that.

So, what should you do to have better harvest of tomatoes? Along with gardening methods, you also need to know the companions of tomatoes. I mean plants grown alongside tomatoes to improve their flavors, support the growth of each other, or repel tomato’s pests. If you have just started your tomato garden, this is necessary. Here are 10 best plants to grow with tomatoes I would like to share you guys. They will work with your tomato crops.

#1 Basil

More reasons that make basil a great companion for tomatoes. The herb improves growth and flavor of your tomatoes. It will also help repel insect pest such a spider mites and aphids, and it will attract pollinators, ensuring a better harvest.

#2 Borage

Like basil, borage’s also great to grow with tomatoes. It helps improve the flavor of tomatoes and also support their growth.

#3 Garlic

Growing garlic with tomatoes will help repel both aphids and red spider mites on your tomato plants.

#4 Asparagus

Tomatoes also grow well with asparagus. Tomatoes help repel the asparagus beetles and asparagus can ward off nematodes. Plant your tomatoes around the perimeter of the asparagus bed after you harvest the shoots.

#5 Lettuce

Lettuce grows well with tomatoes. These plants do not compete for the same nutrients. Lettuce plants will work as a living mulch for tomatoes to conserve water while the tomatoes create shade to the lettuce as they grow.

#6 Pepper

As peppers and tomatoes are in the same family, they have similar care and nutrient requirements. Planting these two plants in the same bed can save you time and work.

#7 Onion

Like garlic, onion brings many benefits to tomatoes when grown with each other. They can also help improve the flavor of your tomatoes.

#8 French Marigold

Marigolds are also a good companion for tomatoes. They help deter garden pests such as soil nematodes and hornworms that bother your tomatoes.

#9 Carrot

Carrots make it a great companion for tomatoes because they help loosen and aerate soil around your tomatoes, allowing more nutrients and water in. Planting these plants together also saves space.

#10 Nasturtium

Nasturtium is a great companion for many plants. They help attract beneficial insects and repel pests. Nasturtium also works as a trap for crop for aphid, so planting them nearby will keep aphids off your tomatoes.

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