10 Best Shrubs That Withstand The Heat of Summer Days

When bad weather of scorching summer days appears that leads to a threat to the health of many plants. But this doesn’t have to mean the end of enjoying your favorite beautiful flowers. In fact, there are still a lot of other flower species that also can show off their own beauty in the harsh sunshine. And if you want to bring the breath of brilliant summer into your garden design, you can plant some following shrubs below.

Not only plants are affected, but the hot weather with the rising temperature also makes most gardeners find it rather tiring to work in the garden. Therefore, planting annuals and perennials that bloom profusely throughout the season is extremely necessary and useful. Growing them will enhance the landscape as well as bring gardening benefits such as regulating the air, reducing the temperature, and bringing psychological comfort, and human health. Check 10 Best Shrubs That Withstand The Heat of Summer Days below!

#1 Fothergilla

Source: Gardendrum

Fothergilla is a flowering shrub that grows well in zones 4-8. The hardy plant displays stunning yellow leaves with hints of pink or red along with pretty, scented blossoms in spring. And when fall comes, the foliage changes color.

#2 Lilac

Source: Gardenersworld

Lilac is a sun-loving shrub that does well in zones 2-7. The plant offers pale purple or white flowers bloom filling with a sweet scent. There is a variety of small and tall options you can choose from to find the right height for your yard.

#3 Jetstream Oakleaf Hydrangea

Source: Yourgardensanctuary

Jetstream Oakleaf Hydrangea is a tough and sturdy plant that prefers to grow in a cooler climate in zones 5-8. It bears enormous leaves and hardy white flowers. And on fall days, the plant produces a burst of orange and red to your landscape.

#4 Lantana

Source: Nature-and-garden

The flowering plant does well in zones 8-11 and can reach a maximum of 6 feet tall. The flower spread a distinctive scent – featuring notes of fruit at gasoline.

#5 ‘Goldfinger’ Potentilla

Source: Gardenia

‘Goldfinger’ Potentilla grows well in zones 2-8 and blooms stunning bright yellow flowers that stick around for months. The plant is a great way to keep deer away from your flowers because of its spiky green leaves.

#6 Mock Orange

Source: Highcountrygardens

Mock Orange is a beautiful shrub with stunning flowers that release a sweet-smelling aroma when they bloom. For happy growth, give it a full-sun location.

#7 Oleander

Source: Urbantropicals

Oleander can grow up to 20 feet tall in zones 8-11. It features pretty flowers but the leaves are toxic, so watch out for your kids and pets when you grow this plant in your yard.

#8 ‘Rose Satin’ Rose of Sharon

Source: Provenwinners

The shrub brings a wild, pretty aesthetic to the landscape by producing delicate petals and protruding centers. Also, its pretty flowers attract butterflies and bees to come to visit your yard. To help the plant grow well throughout the year, you just prune it after the last frost.

#9 Korean Spice Viburnum

Source: Jniplants

Korean Spice Viburnum thrives in zones 4-8 and produces flowers before the leaves start to grow. The flowers are formed in clusters when spring comes. It adapts easily to any type of garden and container as long as gets full sun.

#10 Japanese Flowering Quince

Source: Amazon

Japanese Flowering Quince prefers to grow in sunny areas. Growing the shrub in the yard, you will enjoy the pretty greenery beauty before seeing brilliant flowers that come in shades of pink, peach, and coral.

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