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10 Different Vegetable Types That Have Taproots

When it comes to nutrient food, we can’t help talking about taproot vegetables as they are loaded with vitamins and minerals. Growing these vegetables will give you an organic food source to avoid chemicals that help you eat them more often. Or you don’t have to spend an amount of money to buy them while you also save your time without going outside. There are many benefits that they bring, right?

And in the article, we’ve rounded up the 10 Different Vegetable Types That Have Taproots. If you live in an apartment, you don’t have enough space to grow them, you also have your own green vegetable garden right in your living space in containers or pots. They can grow well with just basic care such as getting enough sunlight, well-drained and moist soil. Some have a short-time growing process, so you will harvest the first green leaves quickly for your daily meals. Growing them by yourself, you will have the best taste for your fresh flavors!

#1 Radish

Source: Gardeningknowhow

Radish is a fast-growing taproot vegetable that you can harvest from 3 to 4 weeks after planting

#2 Rutabaga

Source: Wildgardenseed

Rutabaga belongs to the cruciferous vegetable family including broccoli and cabbage. It has a napiform taproot, which thickens as it grows.

#3 Jicama

Source: Morningchores

Like turnip, the jicama is a starchy root vegetable with a taproot. Its root is edible, but the rest of the plant, including the beans, is toxic.

#4 Parsley Root

Source: Centerofthewebb

Parsley Root is a taproot vegetable that looks similar to a parsnip. Its tastes like a mixture of celery and carrot. You can eat it raw or cook.

#5 Beetroot

Source: Rhs

All parts of Beetroot are edible, from the roots to leaves.

#6 Burdock

Source: Medicinenet

Burdock is an edible weed. Its roots can be harvested to make herbal tea and herbal remedies.

#7 Carrot

Source: Alibaba

Carrots are the most common taproot vegetables. It does well in soft, sandy soil.

#8 Parsnip

Source: Thespruce

Parsnip is cream-colored edible taproots that are similar in shape to carrots. The best harvesting time is just after a frost because the cold temperature helps to build up the sugars in the taproot, making them sweeter.

#9 Sugar Beet

Source: Researchgate

Sugar beet plants prefer to grow in temperate climates. They have thick, white conical-shaped taproots that contain sucrose.

#10 Dandelion

Source: Rafamall

Dandelions also are edible weeds, its roots can be dried and used to make herbal tea.

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