10 Ideas To Grow Succulent in Wine Glass

10 Ideas To Grow Succulent in Wine Glass

Finding something to make your house more impressive? Look no further! Here we have recommendations for you. That is wine glasses! It sounds strange, right? If you think that wine glasses are just for drinking, you should think again after reading the post today. This is a collection of 10 ideas to grow succulent in wine glasses that you will fall in love with. Most of them can be reused from old wine glasses and got new missions. Each has its own beauty, which means you will have different feelings in them. Learn about them with us!

To have these ideas, you don’t have to spend a lot of effort because wine glasses are very easy to find and inexpensive, even they are available in your kitchen, or you can buy them anywhere like in the supermarket. And then pick out your succulents and a bit of potting soil, or sand and get to work! Let’s choose one make try! We hope you’ll enjoy each of these variations. These ideas are for you!

#1 Cute Wine Glass Terrariums

Succulents are a low-maintenance plant tag that suits them nicely. Grab a wine glass and plant your favorite dwarf succulent cuttings in them, decorate with cute pebbles.

#2 Succulents in Hanging Wine Glasses

If you are fond of hanging plants, this is for you because this beautiful arrangement to hang succulents in plastic wine glasses using cotton ropes.

#3 Vibrant Succulent Centerpiece

These vibrant and cute wine glasses will attract many gazes. Pack the smaller glasses with succulents and soil and transfer them into bigger glass containers. Once done, decorate with layers of colorful sand.

#4 Cute Succulents Peeking Out of the Opening

Transform a tilted mouth wine glass into a terrarium filled with pebbles and colorful beads, to plant mini-succulents in an alluring way.

#5 Miniature Beach Using Stemless Wine-Glass

If you are crazy about creating a miniature beach centerpiece, then employ a stemless wine glass of large base to establish a mini beach filled with dwarf succulents.

#6 Affectionate Quotes Glasses

Fill your wine glass with soil and succulents, and colorful sand. This planter can be a lovely special day gift.

#7 Succulent Wine Glass

If you are searching, how to surprise your friend on their special days by giving a unique, customized gift, then prepare this DIY with a memorable wooden-heart tag at its stem.

#8 Hanging Burro’s Tail in a Wine Glass

Trailing succulents in wine glasses can be a great tabletop centerpiece. For this purpose, you can use artificial succulents as well.

#9 Coconut Shell Terrarium

For this, you’ll need some broken wine-glasses. Attach the half coconut shells using glue on glass stems and plant the succulents.

#10 Succulents in Margarita Glasses

Margarita glasses, cactus mix, assorted mini succulents, and small rocks.

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