10 Indoor Plants That Bring Good Things For Your Home

How indoor plants work with your home? Bring more nature to home, purify the air around the spot that it’s raised, or serve as a pretty green home décor? All are true. The point here is these plants can offer more. They may bring you positive energy and good fortune. Like us, plants have energy and they really make a difference in your home, according to science. If you’ve heard or read “Feng Shui”, you will know more about this.

In this post, we’re glad to share 10 indoor plants that will bring good things for your home. If you are finding a good plant to raise indoor, just give these a try. They’re all popular plants to grow inside the house. The point here is many do not know that they can do extra things for you and your home. Do this arouse your curiosity? Let’s check them out!

#1 Peace Lily

Peace Lily comes first in this category.  It helps purify air around you. This indoor plant grows well in dark shaded areas, then is usually placed in a bedroom or a home office.

#2 Lucky Bamboo

In many Asian cultures, Lucky Bamboo is a symbol of good fortune and prosperity. This plant is great for every beginning gardeners as it require low-maintenance and little sunlight. Just make sure to place the reeds in a glass bowl with 1 inch water for its healthy growth.

#3 Jade

Jade cannot be missed here. It’s known as the “Money Tree,” bringing wealth and prosperity to a household. It is a great houseplant because it requires almost no watering.

#4 African Violet

Do you know that keeping an African Violet pot in the money area of the home can cultivate wealth? This is because the petals of the African Violet resemble coins and are therefor symbols of wealth.

#5 Palm

Growing palm indoor surely brings more nature to your space. This inhouse plant is especially good for its ability to eliminate xylene and formaldehyde from the air inside your home.

#6 Rosemary

This culinary herb is popularly grown indoors and outdoors. It not only needs for cooking but also helps purify the  air of harmful toxins. Rosemary is also known to improve memory, treat insomnia, and lift people’s spirits too.

#7 Orchid

Orchids have been known for their fragrance and elegant beauty. These flowering plants also release oxygen during the night, making them great to place in a bedroom or in a room where you sleep.

#8 Ficus

Ficus is a powerful natural air purifier. It helps remove formaldehyde, benzene, and ammonia from the air.

#9 English Ivy

English Ivy helps remove formaldehyde found in carpet and paint.

#10 Citrus Plants

According to feng shui, citrus plants placed in the kitchen will bring abundance and health to the house.

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