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10 Most Popular Indoor Succulent Varieties

When it comes to succulents, most people will think of their easy growth properties. They grow with low maintenance, slowly, and need very little watering. All succulents are perfectly adapted to live in all conditions. They also have many different varieties with lots of unusual shapes, forms, and unique colors. That is the reason why they are chosen to grow indoors to decorate the home more outstanding. Of course, they also are great for planting outside to enhance the landscape.

Known as desert natives, all succulents are accustomed to harsh conditions by storing water in their signature thick, fleshy leaves and stems. So, they are capable of surviving both lengthy droughts and extreme temperatures for a long time. If you want to grow succulents to enjoy their tough beauty, try growing one of the 10 Most Popular Indoor Succulent Varieties. They’re great for beginner gardeners and people who forget to water their indoor plants.

#1 Hens-and-Chicks

Source: Thespruce

Hens-and-Chicks is famously low maintenance and does especially well in drought conditions. They look great in rock gardens or on living succulent wreaths.

#2 Aloe Vera

Source: Nouveauraw

Aloe Vera is easy-going and beginner-friendly, it loves warm climates, so grows well in bright sunny rooms indoors. Its juicy leaves are great for sunburn-soothing.

#3 Roseum

Source: Simplemost

Roseum is a low-growing succulent that thrives indoors on a sunny windowsill. Get the right condition, it will reward you with pink rose-like blossoms in the summer.

#4 Crown of Thorn

Source: Anythinggrowsalberta

Crown of Thorn produces sharp, long thorns that cover its lower stems, hence the name. This blooming time of this succulent is year-round with minimal care.

#5 Burro’s Tail

Source: Gardeningknowhow

Native to Mexico, the Burro’s Tail is a vining succulent with trailing tendrils that can grow up to 3 feet long. It grows well under bright indirect sunlight, but not directly to avoid burning its delicate leaves.

#6 Zebra Plant

Source: Plantura

Zebra Plant is a petite and pretty plant that displays its flashy striped leaves. In the late summer or early autumn, it produces a large golden flower. This succulent needs plenty of sunshine, warmth, and moisture to grow happily.

#7 Snake Plant

Source: Gardendesign

Snake Plant has a tall and slender shape making it a great addition as an architectural element to a small space. It prefers to grow in partial sun, but also tolerates low light.

#8 Jade Plant

Source: Amazon

Jade Plant is a hearty, no-fuss succulent that grows well under indoor conditions and can reach three feet tall. Grown in the right condition, it will bring glossy, emerald-green leaves for years to come.

#9 Flaming Katy

Source: Mygarden

Flaming Katy is from Madagascar, it shows off stunning flowers that range from fiery red to vibrant lilac. It looks great in windowsill adornment.

#10 Panda Plant

Source: Bhg

Panda Plant offers thick, fuzzy, and blue-green leaves making it a beautiful addition to windowsills and conservatories. It favors a good amount of sunlight for its best growth. Keep in mind that it is a toxic plant for your pets, and if consumed will cause symptoms of intense irritation to the mouth and throat, difficulty swallowing, and vomiting.

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