10 Plants That Cucumber Loves Growing Along With

Summer is here. It’s time to harvest fresh and healthy cucumbers in your garden. But the point here is how to harvest pounds of them? Choose right companions for them. That’s it. Many plants love growing together in the same bed at the same time. They can help repel pests of each other, boost the nutrition in soil, and even improve the flavor of their companions. These bring about a better crop and save you a lot of time and effort for doing gardening.

We’re rounded up 10 plants that cucumber loves growing along with, and are glad to share with you guys. They will help you harvest more with your cucumber garden. Every gardener loves this right? These homegrown cucumbers are great on salads, pickles and eaten raw. You can even give these to your family, friends, and neighbors as a gift. Let’s check them out!

#1 Corn

Cucumber appreciates the companionship of corn. The cucumber benefits from the shade of corn and protects the corn from raccoons. Corn also provides some protection from the virus that causes wilt in cucumbers

#2 Beans

Beans are one of the best companions of cucumber. They help boost the nutrients in soil and fix nitrogen, making them perfect for growing along with cucumbers.

#3 Radishes

When you plant a few radishes around the base of the cucumber plant, this can repel cucumber beetles.

#4 Marigold

Marigolds should be planted throughout your garden since they help with a variety of plants. Marigold is a good companion for cucumber as it repels cucumber beetles and other beetles that may feed on your cucumber vines.

#5 Dill

Cucumbers grow well with dill. This plant helps improve the flavor of cucumber fruits as it matures.

#6 Tansy

Tansy is another cucumber companion plant that helps repel the striped cucumber beetle.

#7 Peas

Another legume that the cucumber loves growing along with is peas. They help enrich the soil.

#8 Sunflowers

Cucumber loves the companionship of sunflowers. These flowers create shady spot for cucumber plants in the hot summer sun, and their strong stems give the cucumber vines something to grow up!

#9 Nasturtium

Grow nasturtium alongside your cucumber vines can repel a variety of insects that may try and feed on your cucumber plants.

#10 Lamb’s Quarter

Lamb’s Quarter that is sometimes seen as a weed is also recommended here. It is edible and supports the growth many crops including cucumbers.

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