10 Veggies And Fruits To Grow Vertically In Small Spaces

You love gardening but you lack space, you should not miss out on this article today. Here are 10 veggies and fruits to grow vertically in small spaces that you will fall in love with. The simple reason, when you just have a little land and a strong desire to grow food, you can turn a few seeds into a lot by growing vertically, rather than horizontally. The use of trellises and pots or containers of all sizes will help you to grow several varieties of edible crops in your own ways.

This growing way is a great choice for those who are urban farmers, those who live in the suburbs or the city, and those who have no land. Besides, if you grow these veggies and fruits like this, you will have many benefits from them. For example, grow more food in less space, harvest cleaner fruits and vegetables, make watering, pruning and fertilizing easier, keep crops off the ground decreasing the chance of diseases, grow a natural privacy screen too. So, let’s check them out with us!

#1 Summer and Winter Squashes

All types of squashes and gourds can be grown on trellises and fences, even letting them climb on trees such as calabash, patty pan squash, yellow summer squash, acorn squash butternut squash, delicata squash, sugar pie pumpkin luffa (loofah). This is possible due to their natural vining tendencies.

#2 Cucumbers

If you’ve ever had trouble growing a cucumber that is uniformly green all around, vertical growth is a good chance that you should try.

#3 Melons

If you have the amount of sunlight required, and a long enough growing season to see melons to maturity, it may be worth experimenting in growing them vertically.

#4 Tomatoes

Tomatoes come in all colors, shapes, and sizes, differing in growing habits. Some are dwarf prefer to lay close to the ground, such as mini-cherry varieties, while others are happy to keep climbing as long as there is a support to hang on to.

#5 Beans

Perhaps the easiest vegetables to trellis are pole beans. Just don’t try to coax bush beans to grow more than they should, they grow in bush form.

#6 Peas

Peas that are grown vertically, are healthier than those left to trail on the ground since a trellis offers better airflow around the leaves. This helps to prevent mold and mildew from infesting the leaves.

#7 Strawberries

While strawberries don’t really climb or vine, they do love to drape. This makes them a wonderful choice for hanging pots and baskets, or for strawberry pots that look lovely sitting at the edge of the patio. In this way, they can add a tasty dimension to your garden. When you combine different aspects of vertical gardening together, the end result is not only edible, it is beautiful and useful.

#8 Grapes

Grapes suit to vertically growth, it will give you have a bountiful grape crop.

#9 Hops

Hops are attractive, fast-growing vines that are easy to trellis and fun to grow. Horizontal trellising of hops started in the late 19th century. The main advantage of growing hops horizontally is an easier harvest without the need for a large stepladder.

#10 Nasturtiums

Nasturtiums love to climb, making them perfect for covering garden fences and trellises with a vibrant burst of yellow and orange summer colors.

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