11 Air Purifying Indoor Plants Safe For Your Cats

11 Air Purifying Indoor Plants Safe For Your Cats

Want to grow some plants in your home, but you are hesitating about the safety of those plants for your pets, especially your cats. Don’t worry, in this post today, we will help you choose right the plants that are safe for your cat, even they can cleanse the indoor air from harmful VOCs and indoor particulate matter. Check them out to know what they are.

And here are 11 air purifying indoor plants safe for your cats. Some of them are great choices to decorate your house more beautiful. They also don’t need too many cares, even they still grow well in your neglect and more benefits that you can get from it. With a wide range of benefits, they deserved a place in your house, right? Let’s save and plant some for your house right now!

#1 Bamboo Palm

This plant is happy to grow in indirect light. It’s popular indoors and also known as the Reed Palm. Of course, it is cate safe for your cat!

#2 Boston Fern

This plant has adorable green fronds and suitable for growing indoors. It’s very effective in removing air pollutants present in the indoor air. It is also safe for your cats.

#3 Spider Plant

The spider plant is an ideal houseplant to purify the air. Besides that, it looks attractive and good for a kid’s room as well and it’s not toxic to cats and dogs.

#4 Gerbera Daisy

Gerbera daisies are popular cut flowers, and they come in cheerful warm shades of red, peach, yellow, orange, pink, pale, and purple.

#5 Areca Palm

Areca palm is a tall houseplant, it is suitable for placing in offices and homes. It has smooth green fronds arching downwards. It can eliminate xylene, toluene, and especially formaldehyde from the air, and it’s non-toxic to your pets.

#6 Money tree (Guiana Chestnut)

This indoor plant not only brings good luck and fortune but also helps in removing harmful air pollutants in your house. It thrives indoors in warm room temperature, indirect sunlight, and humid air.

#7 Moth Orchid

This beautiful plant not only charms us with fragrant and vibrant flowers, but it can absorb Xylene and Toluene from the air as well. It adapts to indoor conditions easily and considered safe for your cats.

#8 Dwarf Date Palm

It’s a slow-growing plant, making it ideal to be used as a houseplant. It also produces edible fruits, which are non-toxic to your cat.

#9 Australian Sword Fern

This plant purifies the air by eliminating Formaldehyde, Xylene, Toluene, and particulate matter, keeping your lungs healthy and at the same time, being unharmful to cats.

#10 Rubber Plant

This rubber plant has lustrous, elliptical, and dark green foliage, it makes an enticing looking plant for indoors. It belongs to the Moraceae family and makes indoor air free from VOCs.

#11 Dendrobium Orchid

These beautiful orchids also remove Xylene and Toluene from the air. You can safely grow them indoors without worrying about your pets, as this plant is safe for both cats and dogs.

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