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11 Beautiful Vining Plants That Offer Blue Flowers

If you are finding beautiful plants to cover the old bricks or perishable wall paint or a garden that only has green leaves, go for the 11 Beautiful Vining Plants That Offer Blue Flowers! They will bring alluring and definitive beauty to make the outside space of your house becomes fresher and increase the charm of the garden. These plants come in all shapes, sizes, and temperaments, from the easy-going morning glory to the finicky clematis, and all promise to suit every type of landscape.

When it comes to bringing freshness to your garden, choose bold and bright blue colors. The simple reason, these blue flowers always pair well with pink or orange blooms for a wonderful contrast to give you a picturesque garden. What’s more, these cool blue flowers are also a balm for the eyes during the hot summer months. Some can be used in hanging baskets, trained to climb, or just put in a pot on a high shelf, it depends on your choice.

#1 Blue Jade Vine

Source: Tropicalplantsandflowersguide

Like the Blue Butterfly Pea, the Blue Jade Vine is a member of the Fabaceae family. This plant displays ornamental, cascading blue-green, or bright turquoise-blue flowers.

#2 Plumbago

Source: Wavehill

Plumbago is a hardy herbaceous plant and grows like a vine. This plant can climb up anything it can reach. It offers a cluster of pretty sky-blue, tubular blooms.

#3 Downy Clematis

Source: Plantsnap

The flowers of the Downy Clematis resemble Tinkerbell’s skirt. Not only gives stunning double flowers in a light or violet-blue hue but the plant also grows easily. It grows best in any spot of a north-facing garden.

#4 Blue Butterfly Pea

Source: Amazon

Blue Butterfly Pea is found in Southeast Asia and is a part of the Fabaceae family. It shows off blue and butterfly-like blooms with a creamy white-colored center.

#5 Blue Potato Vine

Source: Flickr

This vine produces dense clusters of flowers in a lilac-blue hue. The beautiful flowers raise up the light green foliage of the plant.

#6 Morning Glory

Source: Superseeds

Morning Glory is a great option for all gardeners. The blue flowers can liven up any space and also attract bees, hummingbirds, and other pollinators come to your garden.

#7 Skyblue Clustervine

Source: Itslife

Skyblue Clustervine can reach 20-30 feet and bear deep blue flowers. You should prune it from time to time because it easily becomes an invasive plant and then will take over your space in the garden.

#8 Solitary Clematis

Source: Picturethisai

Solitary Clematis performs deep blue flowers popping against dark green leaves. It is a pretty small climber that looks stunning when grown in pots trailing over a trellis or a cage.

#9 Bengal Clockvine

Source: Gardentags

Bengal Clockvine is also well-known as Blue Sky Vine, Blue Trumpet Vine, and Bengal Clock Vine. This plant will reward you with velvety cobalt blue flowers and looks gorgeous if planted on a gazebo or a pergola.

#10 Queen’s Wreath

Source: Elevate

As its name indicates, this plant looks like ‘Queeny’ when it is in full bloom with clusters of purple-blue flowers. Give it plenty of sunlight to grow happily and bloom well.

#11 Passionflower Vine

Source: Passionflow

Passionflower Vine is native to South America. It brings blue flowers with a heavenly fragrance. There are some types also that provide edible and sweet passionfruits.

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