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11 Best Houseplants To Reduce Hot Temperature For Summer Days

On summer days, to beat the heat out, fans and air conditioning aren’t your only defenses against the heat. Let houseplants offer an environmentally friendly alternative to reduce high temperatures in your living space. Adding a touch of green to your decor may help combat warm, stuffy air so you can stay cooler all summer long.

And in this article, we’ve listed 11 plants that can keep your house cool on summer days. They can act as natural coolants, offering a more natural way to lower the temperature in your home and reduce your reliance on cooling appliances. Thanks to their transpiration process, they can help get stuffy air flowing and knock a few degrees off your thermometer. So, let’s bring a few of these cooling plants into your home so you can reap their benefits. It’s time to check them out with us.

#1 Bamboo Palm

Source: Bloomscape

#2 Peace Lily

Source: Flowersbymikeny

#3 Spider Plant

Source: Bradfordgreenhouses

#4 Pothos

Source: Patchplants

#5 Snake Plant

Source: Thespruce

#6 Chinese Evergreen

Source: Greg

#7 Ficus

Source: Hgvt

#8 Rubber Plant

Source: Plantersetcetera

#9 Boston Fern

Source: Bhg

#10 Areca Palm

Source: Indiagardening

#11 Aloe Vera

Source: Nouveauraw

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