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11 Flower Types That Can Make Your Skin Beautiful

When it comes to skincare, most of you will choose to go to the drugstore, and a wellness market product or two. But did you know your garden can provide homegrown skincare solutions without using cosmetics? There are so many flowers that beautify and heal if you give them a chance. Read on to know which are available in your garden or learn more about what to grow for which purpose.

These flowers will give you natural methods as they are organic and healthy. Each has its own uses, and of course, you can try with these ways without faring any trouble. They are easy to make with a few simple steps and basic ingredients. Take a look! Then plant the flowers that best suit your skincare needs. It’s easier than you think to whip up healing remedies straight from the garden.

#1 Borage

Source: Juliasedibleweeds

For skin, borage beautifies, smooths, and softens. You can try by resting a cloth soaked in cool borage flower tea on tired eyes, or making a borage-chamomile night cream to refresh your inflamed skin.

#2 Rose

Source: Pixabay

The flowers and hips of Rose can be used in a myriad of ways to soothe, heal, and beautify. You can wash with rose-infused honey for a clear complexion, or soak in a rose petal bath to soothe itchy skin and calm breakouts.

#3 Yarrow

Source: Learn.kegerator

Yarrow is one of the most healing plants, so you should grow this medical plant in your garden. The clusters of delicate white blossoms and ferny leaves are the healing parts of the yarrow plant. Staunching bleeding and healing cuts are these particular healing benefits of this plant.

#4 Elder

Source: Ucanr

Elderflowers are a calming, anti-inflammatory herb. They are among the best flowers for skincare to even out tone and texture. An infusion of elderflowers in water can make a great facial rinse for skin tending to get blotchy.

#5 Calendula

Source: Thespruce

Calendula has skin-soothing properties and is used primarily on sunburned, aged, damaged, or dry skin. This flower is a helpful addition to almost all skincare salves and creams. You can use it for breakouts, eczema, contact dermatitis, or itchy bug bites.

#6 Chamomile

Source: Pixabay

Chamomile is great for treating itchy, tired, dry skin. You can easily use it by placing a chamomile tea-soaked cloth on your eyes to reduce dark circles and refresh your face. Or, take chamomile baths with Epsom salts and lavender blossoms. An ointment made from chamomile and lavender is able to draw out itchy insect bites, soothe rough skin, and relieve irritation.

#7 Violet

Source: Gardenia

Sweet violet is a great flower for gentle, herbal skincare. You can use this gentle herb in baby baths, or as a soothing poultice for cystic acne. You can also turn it into a cream with chamomile and comfrey to apply to small children with itchy, broken skin.

#8 St. John’s Wort

Source: Sowtrueseed

St. John’s Wort is also among the best flowers for skincare and healing. Its pretty yellow flowers make a deep, blood-red oil when steeped. Its oil is great for burns, skin inflammations, sore muscles, and as an antiseptic on scrapes and sores.

#9 Lavender

Source: Naturebring

Lavender has been used as a washing and healing herb. It relaxes the skin, boosts circulation, and cleans wounds. It can calm bug bites, clean small wounds, and soothe sunburn.

#10 Comfrey

Source: Thespruce

Tall, leafy comfrey has a spike of soft bluish-purple flowers and an amazing ability to repair skin. You can use it by infusing comfrey leaves and flowers in olive or almond oil for a powerful repair tonic.

#11 Lady’s Mantle

Source: Theseedcollection

Lady’s Mantle is s amazing for open sores, weeping eczema, and wounds. Soak in a Lady’s mantle bath with borage or chamomile, or make an ointment with it to soothe itchy skin. Keep in mind that, Avoid using Lady’s mantle during pregnancy, as one of the herb’s uses is as a uterine stimulant, it can be abortifacient.

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