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11 Plants That Always Keep Green In Winter

11 Plants That Always Keep Green In Winter

If you are looking for plants that can bring green leaves to decorate your house all season, even it is harsh winter, this article today is for you. Most of us always know that plants wither after the first touch of chilling winter winds, but there are some plants that don’t mind the harsh cold weather. And these are 11 plants that keep your garden attractive during winter and early spring. Check them out with us.

Taking them a look, they are so beautiful, right? Each has its own beauty, and of course, they also will bring your garden with their own fascinating beauty. Giving them a space in your garden will fill up your boring winter will they dispel the gloomy air and make a vibrant garden like a great alternative.

#1 Wintergreen Boxwood

This plant can be a great addition to your winter garden as they do not lose leaves in winters and can even survive under the snow blanket. You can grow these versatile broadleaf plants on hedges, patio, entryways, and garden borders.

#2 Blue Spruce

Colorado blue spruce is one of the best winter garden plants that look beautiful wrapped in snow. It presents a unique, silver blue-green color all year round and grows in a pyramidical shape. It’s a perfect conifer for large backyards and open landscapes.

#3 Evergreen Hollies

Hollies belong to the ilex genus of plants, from the family Aquifoliaceae that includes 480 evergreen and deciduous species, many of them having striking green leaves. You can grow a variety of holly trees for creating a hedge or can also use them as a barrier plant.

#4 Hellebore

Hellebore is an ideal choice for winter garden, as it flowers in the darkest month of the year. The strong, deep growing root structure of hellebore helps this plant to survive in chilly winters, but keep in mind to protect it from harsh winter breeze.

#5 Winter Daphne

The winter daphne has yellow bordered leaves and rose-pink flower buds that blossoms in late winter and early spring in white scented flowers. You can grow this fragrant flowering plant on a patio or in a shade garden.

#6 Japanese Andromeda

Pieris japonica is a broad-leaved evergreen shrub that stays green during the entire winters. In spring, new foliage grows in red, turning dark green in winters. It starts to flower in late winter and early spring for 2-4 weeks and produces a bunch of copper-pink flowers.

#7 Honeywort

Honeywort is also known as a blue shrimp plant, which is native to the Mediterranean region. It is drought-resistant, thriving on neglect. The leaves of honeywort plants become deep blue when the outside temperature gets colder.

#8 Partridge Berry

Partridge berry is a low maintenance showy plant. It produces white fragrant flowers with attractive foliage and scarlet berries. You can grow them around ponds, under trees, or as a ground cover.

#9 Sweet Alyssum

Sweet alyssum is a cool-season flower that can be grown during fall and winter in frost-free climates. It produces tiny fragrant flowers with black or red berries.

#10 Winter Honeysuckle

Winter honeysuckle is an easy to grow, drought-tolerant plant that produces white flowers with citrus-like smell during winters. You can grow it as a barrier or background plant. Take care of the plant as it may get affected by thrips or aphids.

#11 ‘Emerald Green’ Arborvitae

This plant is a semi-dwarf variety, with a narrow pyramid structure that maintains the vibrant green color of its foliage in winters as well. You can grow this arborvitae variety as a barrier or hedge plant.

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