12 Best Black Indoor Plants For Your Home

12 Best Black Indoor Plants For Your Home

Green foliage plants (both indoors and out) have long been popular with us. This post, however, aims to bring you something surprising. It shares 12 best black indoor plants that your home will love. Featuring black color, they surely create a stunning contrast for your space. They’re a unique home décor of which some may even help purify the air around you. Just scroll down to the end more!

If you are finding varieties that are “weird” to grow inside your home, just give these black plants a try. Some are attractive with their black leaves while some grasp our eyes with black flowers. Just look through all and pick out one that you like most. If your home has enough space, you can grow multiple species at a time. Place them at different places for the best effect. Some even work with your office. Let’s check them out!

#1 Black Prince Echeveria

Black Prince Echeveria comes first in this category. This slow grower isn’t actually tall but a very dark and handsome Flowers grow on stalks from late fall to early winters. Place it near a south-facing window, and it’ll continue to adorn the dark armor for a long time to come.

#2 Burgundy Ripple

This black houseplant features heart-shaped dark green leaves variegated with reddish-purple veins over it. As it grows slowly, you won’t have to worry about repotting. Just keep it in direct partial light and water moderately.

#3 Black Pansies

Black pansies have something mysterious inside them. They do best when placed near a window that receives several hours of sunshine. Love this indoor plant for your home?

#4 Aeonium “Black rose”

You can also grow this beautiful black succulent inside your house. However, it may not attain this color indoors, if you won’t provide it several hours of direct sunlight.

#5 Rubber Plant

Rubber plant can not be missed here. Its ‘black prince‘ or ‘burgundy‘ variety has dark burgundy leaves, it looks very black.

#6 Black Velvet

This plant has close to black, velvety leaves.The silver veining also makes it stand out, giving it the title of one of the best black indoor plants on the list!

#7 Living Stone

This succulent variety features rock-like appearance! They’re are a thing of beauty, doing best in full sunlight and partial shade. A good choice for indoor plant garden!

#8 Black Magic (Taro)

Black Magic produces heart-shaped, dark plum-colored leaves. The plant can grow up to 2-3 feet high easily, with leaves expanding to 3 feet. All this grandeur makes it one of the best black houseplants!

#9 Chinese Jade

Another black succulent variety to add to the list of best black houseplants! The leaves are closely packed and, with time, form clumps of rosettes. It can grow them on your desk if letting them receive direct sunlight and watering them occasionally.

#10 Black Hens and Chicks

The large rosette is called the ‘Hen’ turning into a dark shade of purple, whereas smaller rosettes are called ‘Chicks.’ To have a mini black garden, you just need to replant ‘Chicks’. Easy, right?

#11 Haworthia Nigra

Haworthia Nigra is a slow grower. It reaches just 10 inches tall. But don’t the short stance fool you, as it makes up for it with stunning black, 3-tiered foliage. It can be an ideal showpiece for tabletops.

#12 Raven

Raven or Zz is also added to this collection. With deep green foliage and having a certain sheen to it, this plant takes the darkness to a height of 3-4 feet! As it grows slowly, you don’t have to re-pot it yearly.

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