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12 Best Indoor Plants For The Kitchen

12 Best Indoor Plants For The Kitchen

Decorating houseplants in the kitchen will bring beauty full of life for each kitchen. They both have the ability to clean the air and protect health. In particular, there are Feng Shui plants in the kitchen that also bring property and luck to the homeowner. Here are the 12 most useful plants to place in the kitchen for those who do not know which plants effectively absorb the kitchen scent. Check them out.

Whether your kitchen has a modern or classic design, adding an array of beautiful green houseplants is one of the most rewarding things because they will stand out any space around them. These plants require very little maintenance and care. It means you can be away for a few days, or sometimes you don’t have time to water them but they can still grow well. If you want to bring green space in the kitchen, these plants are for you!

#1 Gold Fish Plant

This plant has beautiful gold shaped flowers throughout mid-winter. It is a perfect burst of color you need to get you through long grey days and dreary, cold weather. It grows well in partial sunlight, incredibly compact, and very easy to grow.

#2 Aloe Vera Plant

Aloe vera needs water once a week for its healthy growth. It can do well in low to medium indirect sunlight, so you can place this plant anywhere in your kitchen. You can even use its gel on your skin to soothe any skin irritations such as burns or cuts.

#3 Cast Iron Plant

anywhere in any condition such as low light, extreme temperature fluctuations, humidity differences, etc. This is the best plant to be placed at any corner of your kitchen.

#4 Spider Plant

Spider plants thrive in bright light, but they also do just fine in low light so no matter what your kitchen is like, even with different humidity and temperature levels, they will prosper. Hang them or place them on top of the cabinets to save your precious counter space.

#5 Snake Plant

Snake plants are another great decorative plant for the kitchen, whether you have counter space to spare or want a taller floor plant to liven things up. These plants like brighter light but can tolerate low light, and since they don’t require frequent watering, they’re easy to care for, too.

#6 Nasturtium

Nasturtium produces edible flowers that are vibrant and peppery. It is a beautiful plant that can easily thrive in pots when placed near the windowsill.

#7 English Ivy

Ivy is easy to care for. They thrive in humidity, but they’re better for a bright kitchen with a good amount of natural light.

#8 Chinese Evergreens

This plant is an incredibly hardy and adaptable plant which makes them an excellent choice for the ever-fluctuating environment of the kitchen. This houseplant works great in preventing all types of toxins in the air and is virtually unkillable.

#9 Cacti

Cactus is known as a hardy desert plant that grows well in extreme desert regions. Watering it once in a week will reward you with a steady, prickly presence.

#10 White Jasmine

White Jasmine requires little more care than some other houseplants, but it will give you the sweet smell and beautiful blossoms. Make sure to keep its soil moist and water them when the top of the soil looks dry to thrive healthily in the kitchen.

#11 Aluminum Plant

Aluminum Plant has green and metallic silver leaves become a great addition to your indoor space in the kitchen

#12 Herbs

Herbs will give your dishes tastier and more flavorful. Mints, Lemon balm, Parsley, Basil are manageable herbs to be grown indoors. The best part about growing herbs in your kitchen is, they just need containers from small to medium-sized ones.

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