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12 Creative DIY Vertical Pocket Planters

12 Creative DIY Vertical Pocket Planters

Finding something special and impressive for your home, you are in the right place. In the post today, we want to share 12 creative DIY vertical pocket planters that you will fall in love with. They are great ideas to take your love for vertical gardening to another level. And DIY vertical pocket planters are so easy to make for your home or garden. It’s time to explore them with us.

Taking them a look, you will see all of them are so cute and beautiful. Each has its own beauty, and of course, you will have different feelings about them. With these ideas, your indoor and outdoor will be perfect with just require minimal effort and your free time. They make from the usual materials such as denim jeans, plastic bags, metal hoop, heavily patterned fabric, or a cutting mat. You can take advantage of old items to make. It is so great as they are not only easy to make but so cheap. So, let’s try some to brighten up your home right now.

#1 Mini Felt Planter

Sew these mini pockets out of colorful felts and line the inside with plastic bags to create these planters.

#2 Fabric Pocket Planter

Combine metal hoop and heavily patterned fabric to make a set of these exquisite hanging pocket planters. Air plants might do well in these pockets otherwise you can use faux plants too.

#3 DIY Planter

The pockets you see above are designed out of a cutting mat using some duct tape. For hanging, you can use grommets and ropes.

#4 Wall Planters

Cut and shape air dry clay the way it is shown here to make these fantastic wall pocket planters.

#5 DIY Denim Pockets

If you’ve got an old pair of jeans, you can copy this DIY plant pocket project.

#6 Indoor Herb Garden

Upcycle your old denim and some plastic bottles to design this wooden pallet herb garden indoors. Add extra interest by labeling your pockets with plant names.

#7 Vertical Wall Pocket Garden

Wrap colorful fabrics in the shape of pockets and use safety pins to maintain the form. To hang them on the wall, use grommets, or nail them. Fill the soil directly or put small plant pots that can fit well in these fabric plant pockets, a more long-lasting idea.

#8 DIY Vertical Plant Pocket Garden

DIY vertical wall garden is easy to make and maintain.

#9 Hanging Plant Pocket

This DIY plant pocket project will not break your bank. You can also use old bags, sacks, etc. to hold plants.

#10 Hanging Fabric Planter

You can make a modern hanging fabric planter for your home.

#11 Vertical Felt Pocket Wall Planter

This vertical pocket wall planter is made from craft felt, plywood, and some other materials.

#12 DIY Pocket Wall Planter

This DIY pocket wall planter idea deserves your attention if you’re looking for some nifty vertical gardening ideas.

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