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12 Houseplants To Increase Oxygen Levels For Your Living Space

If you want to help the air quality in your home will become cleaner and healthier, you are reading the right place. Here are the 12 Houseplants to Increase Oxygen Levels for Your Living Space that you can grow to enjoy a fresh atmosphere in your rooms! Add a few more and you will have a natural air purifier better than any air purifier on the market. They are easy to grow with basic care to give health benefits what you are looking for.

Indoor air quality plays a vital role in human health and productivity, so make it clean is an important thing to help humans have a quality life. Also, growing these houseplants will be a great addition to any corner of your living space, it’s more sustainable than a bunch of flowers to display their natural beauty all year. Whether you growing them for decorating or for having good health, they promise to make you satisfied.

#1 Jade Plant

Source: Hgvt

Jade Plant has the ability to O2 at, so you can grow it indoors to improve the air quality even in the dark hours.

#2 Dracaena

Source: Brighterblooms

Dracaena plants are not only valued for their appearance but also great in producing oxygen and eliminating harmful toxins from the air.

#3 Gerbera Daisy

Source: Gardeningknowhow

Gerbera Daisy has a beautiful flowering plant. It produces high oxygen levels during the night and removes harmful chemicals from the air.

#4 Bamboo Plant

Source: Ikea

Bamboo Plant emits 35% more oxygen than other houseplants that make they become a great houseplant at balancing oxygen and CO2 in the surroundings.

#5 Areca Palm

Source: Balconygardenweb

Areca Palm not only is a great plant for humidifying indoor air but also quite a potent plant for releasing oxygen.

#6 Chinese Evergreen

Source: Planterina

Chinese Evergreen filters out air pollutants and toxins to help boost the air quality of your home. In addition, it produces oxygen indoors and helps in improving health and productivity.

#7 Pothos

Source: Indoorplantsworld

Pothos has great lush green foliage and adaptability that make it become a favorite plant of house owners. Also, it can increase the oxygen level by decreasing CO2 from 454 PPM to 425 PPM.

#8 Peace Lily

Source: Mydomaine

Peace Lily works well in increasing the percentage of oxygen in a well-vent room by approximately 25% while reducing the presence of CO2.

#9 Dumb Cane

Source: Crocus

Dumb Cane can effectively absorb CO2 to give your home pure air for breath.

#10 Weeping Fig

Source: Thespruce

Weeping Fig can efficiently decrease the concentration of carbon dioxide from the air, consequently striking up the oxygen levels.

#11 Snake Plant

Source: Patchplants

Snake Plant is not only a popular plant for its air-purifying qualities and aesthetics but also is great at producing oxygen and can absorb CO2.

#12 Philodendron

Source: Nouveauraw

Philodendron is great at purifying the air. It filters out harmful toxins and effectively produces oxygen.

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