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12 Plants Give You Have Better Immunity

12 Plants Give You Have Better Immunity

Your immune system is weak leads to you are easy to get cold and flu regularly. This makes you tired and sensitive with all seasons in the year. Don’t worry, in this article today, we will give you a great treatment. That is the add good plant-based foods to your daily meal. And here, we’ve gathered the collection of 13 Plants Give You Have Better Immunity you should know. If you are interested, spend your time learning about them with us! We believe that they will be useful to you!

Mint, aloe vera, lemon, basil, garlic, and more, most of them are popular, right? They are tasty herbs and fruits that you easy to find, even some are available in the pantry of your kitchen. Or you can easy to grow in the garden to serve at all times when you want. You can eat them raw, add extra in your dishes, or drink their juice, whether by anyways, you will get their benefits to improve health day by day. Keep reading to know more detailed information of their uses.

#1 Mint

Image Credits: Mydomaine

Mint can help in treating sore throats, providing relief from respiratory ailments, and protecting against harmful bacteria.

#2 Green Tea

Image Credits: Brighter Blooms

Green tea has polyphenols and plant antioxidants, which boost the immune system. Besides, it contains catechins that may kill influenza.

#3 Aloe Vera

Image Credits: Pinterest

Aloe vera juice boosts immunity and improves gut health. In addition, the plant helps in reducing oxidative stress as the plant contains a substance acemannan, which has antitumor, antiviral, and immune-stimulating effects.

#4 Elderberry

Image Credits: The Spruce

Elderberry promotes a healthy immune system. It has been used to treat cold and viral infections. The berries also are a rich source of vitamins A, B, and C.

#5 Blueberries

Image Credits: Gardening Know How

Blueberries are brimming with antioxidants and high levels of flavonoids, which eliminate respiratory infections! Quercetin found in blueberries that have potent antiviral properties and helps in fighting against lung inflammation.

#6 Holy Basil

Image Credits: Britannica

Holy Basil can treat respiratory ailments and gastrointestinal disorders. It is beneficial for treating asthma, fever, lung problems, and stress.

#7 Lemon

Image Credits: Hgvt

Lemons contain high Vitamin C, which is an essential antioxidant, helpful in repairing cell damage, thereby boosting the immune system.

#8 Maitake Mushrooms

Image Credits: GroCycle

Mushrooms like Maitake, Shiitake, Reishi, and Chaga are full of essential nutrients, helping in boosting the immune system. They are rich in complex polysaccharides, that stimulate an underactive or weak immune system, working as immune balancers.

#9 Garlic

Image Credits: Hgvt

Garlic contains an amino acid–alliin, which has the property to fight against many diseases by boosting the immune system to fight germs.

#10 Indian Lilac

Image Credits: Ethnoplant

Indian lilac or neem leaves are used to treat skin-related problems as it has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial qualities. Also, it helps in encouraging the immune system by cooling down the body internally.

#11 Turmeric

Image Credits: Quick and Dirty Tips

Turmeric is great food with anti-fungal, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory properties. It contains curcumin, which is a bright yellow chemical compound good for health benefits.

#12 Ginger

Image Credits: Gardener’s Path

Ginger can combat colds and flu. Drinking its juice helps in improving digestive health by strengthening gut health.

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