12 Weird Types of Carnivorous Plants That Eat Bugs

Do you want to grow unusual plants for your collection? If yes, the 12 Weird Types of Carnivorous Plants That Eat Bugs that are what you looking for. These plants are a real quirk of Nature, so having one on your bookshelf will give you beauty, originality fun but also help you deal with uninvited visitors too!

They are low-maintenance plants that can be grown well both outdoors and indoors to help you grow them easily. Some of these carnivorous plants have an extremely interesting appearance, others have pretty flowers, so for gardeners, they are a unique opportunity to have something different in your garden. Keep reading to know more about their secrets.

#1 Corkscrew Plant (Genlisea Spp.)

Source: Fastgrowingtrees

This plant is a semi-aquatic insectivorous genus of plants that looks exotic like dancing women with long skirts make it become a great addition to your home. They are small plants and you can keep them on your desk.

#2 Cobra Lily (Darlingtonia Californica)

Source: Carousell

The Cobra Lily has the shape is standing up and ready to bite that making it impressive. Also, its color looks great with a few flaming red veins running along with the pitchers and usually concentrating under the neck of the snake, a bit like in robins.

#3 Pitcher Plant (Nepenthes Spp.)

Source: Liz Starr

Pitcher Plant has exotic looking with waxy oval leaves and pitchers hanging underneath them. The pitchers are usually in a combination of colors including light green, red, yellow, orange, and purple.

#4 Butterwort (Pingiucula Spp.)

Source: Herebutnot

Butterwort has beautiful magenta to blue pansy-like flowers. Its leaves are sticky like covered with a layer of shiny and sticky hairs. And insects and little corpses are stuck to the large and fleshy leaves, then it sucks all the nutrients it needs from them.

#5 Bladderworts (Utricularia Spp.)

Source: Istock

Bladderworts eat very small creatures that live in the ground or in the water such as fish fry, mosquito larvae, nematodes and water flees. They have a few tiny leaves at the base, but the flowers are quite exotic-looking and beautiful like butterflies and appear on long stems. They usually come in white, violet, lavender, or yellow.

#6 Trumpet Pitcher Plant (Sarracenia Spp.)

Source: Etsy

Trumpet Pitcher Plant has pitchers grow straight from the ground. They are grown in clumps for a stunning and colorful display. They start bright green at the bottom of the pitcher and then they turn colorful where the trap mouth is placed to attract curious insects where they want them.

#7 Fly Bush (Roridula Spp.)

Source: Tumbral

Fly Bush looks a bit like spiky shrubs. The long traps that are its leaves start from the base and form large rosettes. The leaves have sticky tentacles which capture insects. You can grow them in containers to add a great architectural value to patios and gardens.

#8 Venus Flytrap (Dionaea Muscipula)

Source: Gardeningknowhow

Venus Flytrap has strange bright red pads that look a bit like the palate of a mouth, long spikes that look like the teeth of some deep water predator fish or horror film creature. When a fly or other insect walks onto the traps, it closes the two pads of the trap. It gives a stunning look in terrariums and pots.

#9 Waterwheel Plant (Aldrovanda Vesiculosa)

Source: Carnivorousplantcare

Waterwheel Plant has no roots, it lives in water and looks a bit like some of the water plants you have in aquariums. It uses those long and thin green hairs to capture little invertebrates that swim in the water.

#10 Sundews (Drosera Spp.)

Source: Waitrosegarden

Sundews are those tiny, plants whose modified leaves are full of sticky hairs that look like they have a drop of transparent glue at the tips. Those leaves curl up when an gets stuck in them. They have flaming red in them and light green.

#11 Brocchinia (Brocchinia Reducta)

Source: Carnivorousplantnursery

The Brocchinia is a succulent and a bromeliad. It has the typical pineapple leaf shape, with a large, beautiful rosette of sleek-looking and flesh leaves. These are of a green to silver-green or bluish-green. The liquid of this plant smells very nice and sweet, which is a trap to attract insects.

#12 Albany Pitcher Plant (Cephalotus Follicularis)

Source: Coloradocarnivorousplantsociety

Albany Pitcher Plant is an odd-looking bug-eating plant. It favors crawling insects, like ants, earwigs, centipedes, etc.

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