13 Beautiful Houseplants That Have White Flowers

13 Beautiful Houseplants That Have White Flowers

Looking for ideas to give your indoor decor a fresh start, add a few white flowering plants to our list today. White signifies peace and serenity, so having houseplants that have white flowers is one of the best ways to bring a touch of your tranquility indoors. They not only give your house a calmness, beauty but also inject fragrance into your living space.

If you are someone who’s in love with white, the white flowering houseplants here are for you. You’ll find quite a few options in your favorite garden center and florist. Each has its own beauty that will give you an elegant look in your home. For example, Moth Orchid is a nice addition to the indoor garden where their flowers can last for 3 months. Or, Jasmine’s white flowers brighten up any room and fill it with a lily-of-the-valley-like fragrance. And others also have great characteristics, keep reading to open their secrets.

#1 Madagascar Jasmine

Source: Tavicohome

Madagascar Jasmine displays white flowers that emit a rich scent.

#2 Lily of the Valley

Source: Jparkers

Lily of the Valley has sweetly scented, white bell-shaped flowers and pointy green leaves.

#3 White Holiday Cacti

Source: Countryflowerfarms

White Holiday Cactus is also known as the Christmas cactus with sparkling white flower color to give an elegant look.

#4 Moth Orchid

Source: Thesill

Moth Orchid puts out flowers that come in many colors, including white, and can last up to 3 months.

#5 Crown of Thorns

Source: Plantsguru

Crown of Thorns is a toxic plant but could make you happy with its white flowers on a sunny windowsill. Keep in mind that, don’t let your kids or pets stay near this plant.

#6 White Geranium

Source: Jparkers

White Geranium showcases succulent leaves and tender white flowers. If you provide the plant with enough bright sunlight, and it will continue to flower for a long.

#7 Peace Lily

Source: Bunches

Peace Lily produces stunning white flowers that resemble calla lily to add appeal to your living room.

#8 White Oxalis

Source: Plantscapers

White Oxalis has white and pale pink flowers to add an instant appeal to your rooms!

#9 Dendrobium Orchid

Source: Thespruce

Dendrobium Orchid features white blossoms that make it is perfect for window boxes.

#10 Amaryllis

Source: Highcountrygardens

Amaryllis displays star-shaped, white flowers with a spicy fragrance that can brighten up any windowsill of your room.

#11 Tuberose

Source: Thescoutguide

Tuberose shows off blossoms growing in clusters, it gives out a sweet and pleasant smell.

#12 Jasmine

Source: Waitrosegarden

Jasmine has a uniquely strong and sweet scent it carries! Its white flowers with contrasting green foliages make a perfect backdrop to any room!

#13 Anthuriums

Source: Interiorplants

Anthuriums is famous for its cut flowers. It has heart-shaped waxy blossoms and lasts long.

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