13 Best Beautiful Purple And White Flowers

You love multiple-color flowers, and you want to your garden be full of two-in-one blooms, you will love this post. We’ve listed 13 Best Beautiful Purple And White Flowers to add a lot of appeal to the space. These colors are symbolic of luxury, royalty, and elegance, so if whatever your choice is, planting a few of these flowers is the way to render a royal look to your living space. Are you ready to explore their beauty with us?

They are so easy to grow and just need minimal care. Planting these flowers in your garden can add rich thematic colors. These plants do not have a deep purple color and some may have a very slight purple tint to the foliage but have a warm texture to melt any heart and may not be exactly purple. Similarly, the white shade may carry a hint of red and pink tint. Loving them, let’s start growing some in your garden or around your home now.

#1 Wolf’s Bane

Source: Candidegardening

Wolf’s Bane has white petals with interesting purple veins.

#2 Wishbone Flower

Source: Gardeningknowhow

Wishbone Flower features a blend of colors, including white, blue, with purple edges on compact plants.

#3 Encyclia Orchid

Source: Ricardogupi

Encyclia Orchid looks like an octopus due to drooping purple-white petals in deep purple and white hue.

#4 Dwarf Crested Iris

Source: Enchantedgardensdesign

Dwarf Crested Iris has white and yellow patterns. This flower favors partial shade and can withstand full sun as well.

#5 Cineraria

Source: Thespruce

Cineraria is a tender perennial that displays vibrant bi-colored purple, white blossoms.

#6 Gloxinia

Source: Gardeningknowhow

Gloxinia shows off large trumpet-shaped purple-white blooms, with a velvety feel, that grow annually.

#7 Sweet Rocket

Source: Hovenier

Sweet Rocket has lovely purple or white blossoms.

#8 Milky Bellflower

Source: Gardenersworld

Milky Bellflower shows off white with blue up to purple. The plant grows up to 3-5 feet tall.

#9 Chalon Supreme

Source: Gardheimar

Chalon Supreme puts off deep purple ruffled petals with a white rim and yellow centers.

#10 Fivespot

Source: Westcoastseeds

Fivespot showcases bell-shaped flowers, it prefers bright sunlight.

#11 Lisianthus

Source: Gardeningknowhow

Lisianthus has ruffled white petals with purple borders with yellow centers.

#12 Big Bang Lily

Source: Betterphoto

Big Bang Lily produces six-petaled, out-facing blooms in a creamy white color, filled with deep purple spots and swirls.

#13 Splish Splash Geranium

Source: Hayloft

Splish Splash Geranium showcases white petals with purple flecks and specks.

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