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13 Stylish Mini Gardens For Unique Decoration

13 Stylish Mini Gardens For Unique Decoration

Have you ever thought you will turn your living space to be more vivid yet? Just some mini tips that you also have small and beautiful garden easily. And here is a collection of 13 Stylish Mini Gardens For Unique Decoration that you can immerse yourself in green and fresh life. Using them to decorate small spaces in your home or your office, or you can give them as a special gift for friends. They are one of the best ways to help you from work pressure or tired moment of life.

To design mini gardens like these photos, you just spend your free time growing, seeking materials (you can buy them at any decoration stores, they are quite cheap), and simple steps to make your own dream garden. Every idea is unlimited, so you can grow a beautiful garden with your favorite plants and herbs by using these basic ways above. And it’s time to start now!

#1 Small Garden Inside Shells

The way to use seashells is suit to small plants and flowers

#2 Mini Jars with Cork Stoppers and Succulent Plants

The way will take advantage of discarded bottles. Besides, this work will need you to have a skillful hands but will bring you a great result.

#3 Teaset Planters

It is great way to use old tea sets and create your own way artistic idea. Fill them with potting soil and grown herbs or succulents of your choice

#4 Old Bulb as Terrarium

Reuse old bulbs are intelligently way to turn your mini garden more nice like elegant terrarium

#5 Colander Planter

With the way, you will be creative with your favorite color and combine colorful succulents.

#6 Canvas Shoe Planter

It would be a pity for the old canvas shoes when you have no idea for it right? Lets grow ferns or vines! Just hang it on the fence or wall, this way is save maximum your house space without cost.

#7 Plastic Bottle Planters

There are many old soda or water bottles in your kitchen shelf. Let recycle them to stay eco-friendly. Fill soil and grow your favorite herbs. And you can creatively like cut the upper part and paint kitten faces to the bottom portion to make them attractive and colorful!

#8 Mini Popsicle Pallet Garden

The way is easy to create a mini garden with popsicle pallets. Growing small real or faux succulents on it. It look absolutely stunning in both indoor and outdoor space.

#9 Small Eggshell Garden

Eggshells is great idea to grow little succulents. Don’t throw them in your trash after reading the idea here.

#10 Self Watering Concrete Planter

You can not water the plant daily, think about the help of a 3D printer. You can design a curvy planter in two sections. It is great solution when the wick on the upper part helps the plant to sip water from the lower section.

#11 Adjustable Lamps as Plant Stands

If you have an old lamp that you no longer use or it was broken. Lets take the bulb out and make it upside down, after that create a planter for succulent.

#12 Succulent Planters From Vintage Books

Take advantage of a vintage hardcover book in your book shelf and grow succulents. This work will need a support of a drill and make a large hole to accumulate succulent.

#13 Polymer Clay Mini Planters

You can use leftover polymer clay to grow mini succulents. Mold interesting shapes like a miniature table and a Red Indian face, making them look more interesting.

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