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14 DIY Ideas to Upgrade Bathroom Old Items For The Garden

14 DIY Ideas to Upgrade Bathroom Old Items For The Garden

If you are a creative lover and DIY projects, you are reading the right post. In the article today, we’ve collected 14 DIY Ideas to Upgrade Bathroom Old Items For The Garden. These cute and creative projects will create unique pieces for your garden. With just a bit of paint and some quick alterations, you can transform your old items into beautiful and unique planters, and more. They are waiting for you to unlock.

We have a lot of ideas to suit any space in your garden, from pretty planter ideas to a water fountain, or a fairy garden! Whatever the ideas are, they are beautiful and unique, to suit all styles and tastes. Even better, some of these ideas can be completed in a snap, perfect for those who are just starting out in the DIY world. So, instead of tossing them out, you can recycle and give them a second life as well. Try some now!

#1 Toilet Planter

Image Credits: Democraticunderground

#2 Bathtub Garden Pond

Image Credits: Davesgarden

#3 Baby Tub Vegetable Garden

Image Credits: Hobbyfarms

#4 Bathtub Flower Garden

Image Credits: Redbubble

#5 Old Sink Planter

Image Credits: Chaotically Creative

#6 Birdbath Out of Old Sink

Image Credits: Hgvt

#7 Toilet Tank Planter

Image Credits: Thirstyinsuburbia

#8 Sink Fairy Garden

Image Credits:  Pinterest

#9 Bathroom Bucket Planter

Image Credits: Joeshealthymeals

#10 DIY Shower Planter

Image Credits: Hometalk

#11 Mug Planter

Image Credits: Realitydaydream

#12 Commode Planter

Image Credits: Flickr

#13 Faucet Water Fountain In The Garden

Image Credits: Country Door

#14 Pipe Planter

Image Credits: Thearchitecturedesigns

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