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14 Easy to Grow Cut Flowers For Beginners

14 Easy to Grow Cut Flowers For Beginners

When it comes to decorating your living space fresh and inviting, there are many plants that can do this. Whether you love the creeping tendrils of your philodendron or low-maintenance succulents, cut flowers also will bring their own beauty to brighten up your home with the showy and sturdy blooms. There is nothing better than bringing a bit of the outdoors inside, right?

And in the list today, we will share 14 Easy to Grow Cut Flowers for Beginners. Aside from producing pretty flowers, most of them are low maintenance and drought tolerant. Some even are edible for dishes, white others attract butterflies and birds. These fast-growing flowers are also great for filling bare spots in your garden. So, if you are looking to grow your own cutting garden, growing these flowers is a true joy.

#1 Calendula

Image Credits: Thespruce

Calendula has edible petals and cosmetic use for skin. The flower can’t take a hard frost, loves a well-draining location with plenty of sun.

#2 Bells of Ireland

Image Credits: Highcountrygardens

Bells of Ireland prefer full-sun but tolerate partial shade and require well-draining soil.

#3 Marigolds

Image Credits: Gardeningknowhow

Marigolds are so easy to grow in nearly any kind of soil. They grow well in full to partial sun areas. They also are a great companion plant for your vegetables in the garden.

#4 Sunflowers

Image Credits: Treehugger

Sunflowers are notoriously easy to grow, so long as you grow them in a place where they get plenty of sun.

#5 Cosmos

Image Credits: Gardengatemagazine

Cosmos prefer full sun and well-draining soil. This flower also attracts beneficial pollinators to your garden.

#6 Poppies

Image Credits: Earth

Poppies not only show blooms that look incredible in cut flower arrangements, but their seed pods also add visual appeal to bouquets. They bloom in late spring.

#7 Sweet Peas

Image Credits: Almanac

Sweet Peas love full sun, they grow as vines, so give them a space to climb.

#8 Bachelor’s Button/Cornflower

Image Credits: Gardeningknowhow

Bachelor’s Button/Cornflower likes moist, well-draining soil and full sun.

#9 Globe Amaranth

Image Credits: Southernliving

Globe Amaranth is easy to grow in any type of soil. If you starting to grow them from seed, let’s soak the seeds for 48 hours before planting.

#10 Ageratum

Image Credits: Premierseedsdirect

The ageratum prefers full-sun, it can handle partial shade. This flower loves well-drained soil and will bloom from mid-summer through the fall.

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