14 Frost Tolerant Flowers Of The Cold Weather

14 Frost Tolerant Flowers Of The Cold Weather

Living in a cold climate doesn’t mean you don’t have a chance to see beautiful flowers. To miss out on colorful flowers in your garden, you can grow some flowers in right your garden when winter comes as well as frost begins an attack. So, if you’d like to add beautiful flowers and make your garden more vivid, growing some frost-hardy flowers is a great candidate. And we believe that you’re sure to find some excellent options on this list of 14 frost-tolerant flowers.

These frost-tolerant flower plants are ideal for bringing some life and color to your garden during the cold and boring winter months. Some of these flowers are only frost tolerant while they’re seedlings, others will bloom right through the frost and snow. While the growing season may be shorter, by selecting cold-hardy flowers you can stretch those vibrant displays from early spring to late into autumn. It is so great when enjoying the perfect combination of colorful flowers and the white of the frost, right? Want to see these beauties, let’s grow some for your garden the next winter, and the amazing would wait for you!

#1 Viola

Violas are beautiful winter flowering annuals, they grow best in partial shade and can tolerate light frosts.

#2 Pansy

Pansies love cool weather and will add tons of color to the winter landscape in frost-free regions.

#3 Hyacinth

Hyacinths are beautiful flowers that can tolerate freezing temperatures. They look great planted in clumps in the garden or in containers.

#4 Snowdrop

Snowdrops are gorgeous frost-hardy flower bulbs with small white bell-shaped flowers that appear in late winter or early spring. They grow best in partial shade with moist, well-draining soil.

#5 Primrose

Primroses can withstand mild frosts but they don’t do well in extremely cold weather conditions.

#6 Snapdragon

Snapdragons prefer chilly spring or fall weather and may stop blooming once the weather heats up.

#7 Sweet Pea

Sweet pea flowers grow best in cool climates and can tolerate mild frosts. They’re easy to grow from seed and they’re great for beginner gardeners.

#8 Lily of the Valley

Lily of the Valley is tough enough to handle the extremes of winter. But nothing could be further from the truth. These fragrant beauties shrug off bone-chilling temperatures.

#9 Daffodil

Daffodils are cheerful yellow flowers that bloom towards the end of winter. They can tolerate light frosts but extended periods of freezing weather can damage the flowers.

#10 Crocus

Crocuses are so cold-hardy that they use snow as an insulator. They play with various colors such as violet, blue, yellow, or variegated ones.

#11 Forget-Me-Not

Forget-Me-Nots produce clusters of small flowers that can be blue, purple, pink, or white. They prefer cool weather and will need some afternoon shade in warm climates.

#12 Camellia

Camellias are cold hardy flowering shrubs that can survive hard freezes. They can be used to create a beautiful flowering hedge and they’re fairly easy to care for.

#13 Winter Aconite

Winter Aconites are frost-hardy flowers that can tolerate cold temperatures.

#14 Glory of the Snow

The Glory of the Snow is one of the first flowers to appear after winter and they often pop up through the snow.

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