14 Herbs That Look Pretty On Hanging Baskets

14 Herbs That Look Pretty On Hanging Baskets

Herbs are commonly grown directly in soil in your garden, garden beds and containers. Some may even thrive in a jar of water. But have you ever tried planting herbs on planters and hanging them up? Your herbs will do well when provided with proper care, and enough light and water. Not just that, they look pretty cool in here. Your herb planters not only serve for cooking purposes but also present as a home décor. Some even help repel mosquitoes and flies from coming into your home. So good!

We’ve rounded up 14 herbs that look pretty on hanging baskets. If you prefer something other than culinary herbs, these are right up your street. Oregano, lavender, mint, … have long been familiar with us, right? But you can turn their planter into a new lever, making it more chic. You will love its home first then its flavors and uses. Why not give these a try to make our herb garden more diverse and eye-catching? Here we go!

#1 Mint

Mint comes first in this collection. This perennial herb does well in both in soil in your garden and containers. You can try growing it in hanging baskets. There are 20 types of mint variety available to choose from!

#2 Lavender

Featuring ornamental purple flowers, lavender looks attractive in hanging baskets, wafting its soothing fragrance in the air.

#3 Chives

Chives are also great to plant in hanging basket. If you prefer creative herb garden, just give this a go.

#4 Creeping Thyme

Creeping thyme is a woody perennial herb. It’s mainly served for ornamental purpose, not for culinary. This herb looks beautiful with stems spilling over the sides of the hanging basket.

#5 Creeping Rosemary

Creeping rosemary can be a true eye-catcher in hanging baskets with clusters of pale blue flowers in spring and summer.

#6 Parsley

Why not try growing parsley in hanging basket? This herb thrives and will never look untidy in here. Parsley is a great addition to soups and vegetables.

#7 Winter Savory

The compact height of 10-12 inches makes winter savory perfect for hanging baskets. You can dry or enjoy its leaves fresh. They taste great.

#8 Majoram

Itching to the taste and flavor of majoram? You can grow it in hanging basket, on its own or along with other herbs.

#9 Basil

You can grow basil in hanging basket on its own or with other herbs like parsley and chives.

#10 Rocket

Rocket adds a delicious peppery flavor to your cuisines. It will also serve for ornamental purpose in hanging basket as the foliage spill out the planter.

#11 Cilantro

Finding an exciting planter for your cilantro? Hanging basket is right up your street. Your herb looks pretty cool in here.

#12 Chamomile

Featuring fragrant and daisy-like flowers, chamomile look exquisite when grown in hanging baskets in balcony or patio. Its fresh leaves are great for brewing tea.

#13 Oregano

Oregano can be a true eye-catcher in hanging baskets thanks to its beautiful light green leaves and pale stripings. The fresh leaves will enhance the taste of the pizza dough!

#14 Prostrate Sage

This sage variety of sage performs well in a hanging basket in full sunlight. It can be harvested all season long and can be dried as well for winter use.

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