14 Houseplants That Grow Well Without Needing Water For A Month

14 Houseplants That Grow Well Without Needing Water For A Month

Not all plants need enough water for their growth. There are some indoor plants that can grow well in hardy conditions, even they are happier if you leave them alone and water them less often. So, if you love growing plants in your home but you’re not a plant pro yet, you should start out with a low-maintenance option. Here are some house plants you only need to water once a month that you can choose from.

Spider plant, succulent, cacti, string of pearl, lithops, and more, these houseplants are not only easy to grow but also are so beautiful. There are other benefits when you grow them inside such as release oxygen, fresh air, even bring good luck, and fortune to your home. For these good reasons, many homeowners prefer growing them to bring positive things in their life. Keep reading to find some that you love and grow them in your home!

#1 Spider Plant

Image Credits: Thespruce

When the face of soil dry, you should water it. On wet days, you just need to water your Spider Plant once a month.

#2 Succulents and Cactii

Image Credits: Gardeningknowhow

Succulents and Cactii are tough desert plants so they do well in dry soil.

#3 String of Pearls

Image Credits: Wayfair

This String of Pearls is sensitive to overwatering, so you just water it when the soil appears dry.

#4 Lithops

Image Credits: Flickr

Lithops just need water a little once every 20-30 days to they healthy and thriving.

#5 Snake Plant

Image Credits: Balconygardenweb

Snake Plant needs to be watered between 10 – 20 days. On winter days with wet weather, Water it once a month.

#6 Aloe

Image Credits: Wikihow

Aloe owns fat leaves that are able to water-carrying, so, they can grow well for 2-3 weeks without water. Water it when the top layer of soil dry.

#7 Zebra Cactus

Image Credits: Ourhouseplants

Zebra cactus is one of the succulents, so it can store water and go on for days in dry soil.

#8 Ponytail Palm

Image Credits: Bhg

Ponytail Palm can go for a long time without water because of its fat trunk that stores water. For the best growth, you should water this plant once in 20 to 30 days.

#9 Devil’s Backbone

Image Credits: Mygardenlife

The plant is native to the arid regions, so it is able to survive well without water. You just need to water it 20-25 days.

#10 Cast Iron Plant

Image Credits: Thespruce

Cast Iron Plant doesn’t need occasional watering as it can survive in dry soil for a long time. Saturate the plant only when the surface of soil shows a lack of moisture.

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