15 Amazing Ideas For DIY Vertical Indoor Gardens

15 Amazing Ideas For DIY Vertical Indoor Gardens

Love gardening but your garden is lack of space for your favorite plants? Why not build a vertical indoor garden? A DIY garden for vegetables, herbs, and flowers placed inside the house. It not only offers pounds of vegetables and herbs for daily cooking but also saves you a lot of space. Some even help to repels mosquitoes and flies, garlic and lavender, for instance. This mini garden also works with those who are living in an apartment. Perfect!

And, here are 15 amazing ideas for DIY vertical indoor gardens. If you prefer homegrown vegetables and herbs, these are right up your street. Even when your garden has enough room for them, you can definitely give these a go. They will be great gifts to your family, friends, and neighbors. Some garden structures are so impressive that can make your guests fall in love with. Can’t wait make an indoor garden of your own? Here we go!

#1 Indoor Ladder Planter

An old ladder can be turned into an indoor garden planter.  You can grow multiple house plants in here.  This also a decoration that adds more charm to your home, right?

#2 Dresser Planter

Another “trash” family gadget you can make use of to build a stunning indoor garden is dresser. It’s a perfect place to plant ferns and succulents. You will love having this for your home.

#3 Vertical Pallet Planter

Pallets are a great material to make a vertical indoor garden, not just for backyard fence. It does not require any skill, and more importantly, is at no cost. Herbs and succulents would love living here.

#4 DIY Pot Hanger

A hanging garden always makes your house more stunning. All you need for this DIY project is scrap wood, rope, and a few basic woodworking tools. One thing interesting with this garden is that all the runoff from the previous pot drips into the plants below.  So, you just need to water the plant on top and be sure place a saucer under the bottom most pot.

#5 Shoe Organizer Vertical Garden

A shoe organizer can be turned into an awesome vertical garden to place inside the house. You can plant individual plants and herbs here

#6 TV Stand Vertical Garden

You can also make a vertical indoor garden out of a TV stand. This is a great way to recycle it and transform it to a living beauty. You can use it as it is for a rustic look or paint with with more colorful colors.

#7 Herb Vertical Garden

Many herbs grow well in door. So why don’t you build a vertical garden for them? You can harvest plenty and gives home a “green”decoration.

#8 Mason Jar Vertical Garden

If you’ve stored many Mason jars, just make a vertical indoor garden out of them? It’s a perfect place to grow herbs.

#9 Hanging Coconut Planter

How to bring tropical breezes to your house? this hanging coconut planter is the way to go.  It’s a unique yet simple DIY project made with coconut shells after eating. Then a super cute hanging indoor garden is ready.

#10 Pallet Container Holder

A structure that creates plenty of vertical space. Arrange a pallet board and hang several pots on it. It’s incredibly easy.

#11 Hanging Terracotta Planters

Another creative idea for hanging indoor garden.

#12 Iron Grid Pot Holder

This iron grid pot holder is also great to serve as a vertical indoor garden. Herbs and in house plants love living here. To make these pots more eye-catching, you can paint them with favorite colors.

#13 Vertical Pot Holder From Pallet Planks

Here is how to make this vertical garden: dismantle a pallet board and separate the pallet planks; nail them on to the wall and fix the pots. Easy, right?

#14 Vertical Picture Frame Planter

A stunning idea to make your rooms greener. Why not hang a wall planter of succulents like this in your room?

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