15 Beautiful Small Gardens To Liven Up Your Balcony

15 Beautiful Small Gardens To Liven Up Your Balcony

It’s always great to build a herb, vegetable or flower garden in your balcony. It may be small or larger but does an extra thing. It not only serves for culinary purposes but also works as a balcony décor. Some even produce pleasant fragrance and offer medicinal uses. Arrange some chairs and a pretty coffee table here, your balcony becomes a charming relaxing place of your home. You can sip something tasty or read a good book here, and your kids may also have fun when playing here. So good, right?

We’ve rounded up 15 beautiful small gardens to liven up your balcony. If you are looking for something great and budget friendly to spruce up your balcony, these are the way to go. They are not only helpful for those whose balcony is lack of space but’s also great for those love gardening. Your balcony may be large but you still prefer having a small plant garden here. Let’s check them out!

#1 Terracotta Herb Pots Hang on Pallet Planter

#2 Hanging Balcony Flower and Herb Garden

#3 Balcony Flower Rack Hanging Wrought Iron Flower Shelf 

#4 Malayas Multi Tier Plant Stand

#5 Railing Bar and Hanging Plant Stand Garden

#6 Balcony Garden from U-shaped wall Shelves

#7 Small Balcony Rose Garden

#8 Tiered Herb Garden

#9 Balcony Bookshelf Garden

#10 Balcony Vine Plant Garden

#11 Transform Shipping Pallet Wood into a Balcony Garden

#12 Old Wooden Ladder Planter

#13 Balcony Trellis Garden

#14 Flower Garden Containers

#15 Vertical Balcony Garden

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