15 Colorful Flower Tree Varieties To Grow On Balcony

Want to add something bright and beautiful to liven up the boring space of your balcony, read the 15 Colorful Flower Tree Varieties To Grow On Balcony and grow some of them. Whether your choice is, the list of stunning flowers will convince you of their natural beauties. Growing them, you not only have beautiful flowers to see every morning but also your space will be more impressive and vivid.

Apart from a balcony, other spaces such as a small patio garden, a rooftop garden, or a big backyard garden, this list will provide you with so many options. Growing them, you will have a chance to see colorful and beautiful flowers every morning, at the same time your space will be added a new life with more charm and vividness. What’s more, these flower trees are easy-to-grow and adapted well to the change in the natural environment because they have intense vitality. So, if you do have not much time to take care of them, no problem!

#1 Bougainvillea

Source: Indiagardening

This beautiful ever-blooming flower is so vibrant and colorful. It needs full sun and dry soil to thrive, and it is not susceptible to many pests and diseases.

#2 Hibiscus

Source: Harmoniainc

It is one of the most popular flowering shrubs. It has one of the most abundant flowers that come in a variety of colors and patterns. It has shallow roots so it adapts well in pots or containers.

#3 Hydrangea

Source: Balconyboss

With clusters of colorful flowers and big, dramatic leaves, hydrangea is a stunning addition to any container garden. You can plant it in a large, beautiful pot. Don’t forget to give it regular watering to enjoy the beautiful bloom.

#4 Daphne

Source: Frustratedgardener

This daphne needs to keep the plant in part shade and water it well in the summer as it loves moist soil.

#5 Gardenia

Source: Pinterest

It is one of the most fragrant flowers. Growing gardenia requires regular maintenance.

#6 Anisodontea

Source: Flowerpower

This anodontia is suitable for both warm tropical climates. It grows in full sun and requires dry soil to thrive. Thus, a balcony, terrace (roof), or patio facing south or West is perfect for this shrub.

#7 Gaura

Source: Plantcaretoday

A cool climate with mild summer is perfectly suitable for growing. You can also try to grow it in a warm subtropical climate in partial shade. The best thing about this shrub is its long blooming period, it starts to flower in late spring and blooms until the late fall.

#8 Escallonia

Source: Mydesiredhome

It has beautiful decorative and fragrant foliage and small tube-shaped flowers in white, pink, or red colors. When grown in pots, it requires well-draining soil. Keep it in partial sun in warmer zones and in full sun in cooler zones.

#9 Andromeda

Source: Seattlejapanesegarden

This shrub requires acidic soil to grow. It is called “Pieris Japonica” or “Lily of the valley shrub” is an excellent bush for container gardens. It can grow up to 2 m tall.

#10 Forsythia

Source: Cowellsgc

You can easily grow dwarf forsythia varieties in containers or pots. They are not fussy about soil types but require well-draining soil. Place this fragrant plant in a location that gets at least 6 hours of sun daily.

#11 Camellia

Source: Flowercouncil

It is one of the most beautiful flowering shrubs! It can be grown well in pots with rich acidic soil and regular maintenance.

#12 Hebe (Veronica)

Source: All-blooms

It is easy to grow in a container. It is an excellent shrub for urban container gardens. Flowering occurs in summer for many species. Some cultivars produce flowers till fall.

#13 Abutilon (Flowering Maple)

Source: Etsy

Also called “Indian Mallow” or “Flowering Maple”. It is a beautiful shrub that grows around 1 m tall when grown in containers. It has beautiful hibiscus and hollyhock-like flowers.

#14 Cistus

Source: Thetutuguru

This flower is a tough, drought-tolerant plant that thrives without requiring care a lot. There are so many cultivars to choose from, it is suitable for pots and thrives in a sunny location. You can also grow it in a rock garden

#15 Callistemon

Source: Theoriginalgarden

The beautiful flower tree attracts pollinators and looks exquisite in its bright red blooms, and other colors like purplish pink, lemon yellow, or white. You can grow bottle brush in colder zones in the pot, but it requires care in winter.

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