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15 Easy-To-Grow Houseplants For Beginners

If you are a beginner at growing plants and you don’t have any ideas about what you should grow indoors, you are in the right place. In the post, we are so glad to share 15 easy to grow indoor plants that everyone can do. In addition, they also can adapt to poor conditions such as low light, low humidity, and a wide range of temperatures. Are you ready to check them out with us? Here we go!

Snake plant, heartleaf philodendron, spider plant, peace lily, …, these are extremely great for beginners. Growing them on pots indoor will provide a lavish look and can be used to decorate the interior at a low cost. Also, they create positive impacts and many of them purify the air. It’s time to grow some for your house!

#1 Snake Plant

This plant is one of the best plants for beginners. Easy to grow and hard to kill, it can be grown in low light and need to be watered occasionally. It also removes toxins from the air.

#2 Heartleaf Philodendron

Heartleaf Philodendron is extremely easy to grow and great for beginners. It needs a moderate amount of light and prefers the soil to dry out between watering spells.

#3 Spider Plant

The spider plant is one of the most popular houseplants. Its popularity is due to its toughness and the ease of growing and maintenance. The plant can easily adapt to almost any condition. Keep the plant in a bright spot and maintain slight moisture in the soil and it will grow well.

#4 Peace Lily

The peace lily can tolerate a wide range of lighting conditions and needs only moderate watering. With graceful curving leaves and white flowers that rise up from the dark foliage, peace lily looks exotic and elegant.

#5 English Ivy

English Ivy is very hardy and easy to grow. Keep the pot in a spot that receives bright indirect sun and plant it in a container that is wide and shallow rather than narrow and deep.

#6 Succulents and Cactus

Succulents and cacti are ideal for those who forget to water and care for plants. They are very adaptable and can survive many adverse conditions. They need to be placed on a bright spot and well-drained soil with little water.

#7 Lucky Bamboo

Lucky bamboo is an easy-care houseplant. Just provide it abundant water and it’ll grow well even in indirect light. Protect the plant from cold drafts and provide iron fertilizer occasionally.

#8 Jade Plant

Jade plant is a succulent. When grown indoors, a jade plant can grow up to the size of a small shrub. Keep the plant in a spot that receives partial or indirect sunlight from having a healthy specimen.

#9 Cast Iron Plant

The Cast iron plant is one of the toughest plants that make it ideal for beginners. The cast iron plant can withstand neglect, low light, low humidity, and a wide range of temperatures. It prefers moist soil.

#10 Peperomia

Peperomia is a small striking houseplant that is available in different colors and shapes. It likes slightly moist soil and humidity but watering should be reduced in winter.

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