15 Indoor Plants That Can Reduce Humidity in Your Bathroom

15 Indoor Plants That Can Reduce Humidity in Your Bathroom

After a hard-working day, everyone wants to come back home and drop themselves into the cool water in a quiet space, and yourself too, right? But the environment in your bathroom always is a humid climate, it also is an ideal condition for fungus growth. Especially, this place is for daily activities, if it isn’t cleaned carefully, it will contain many bacteria that have a great impact on your health.

In order to reduce this problem, growing houseplants in your bathroom is a positive effect that you should try. The simple reason, they can do double duty as decor pieces and natural dehumidifiers, help create fresh air, balance moisture, and provide more oxygen. In addition, these toilet plants are easy to grow without requiring any effort. And if you are looking to upgrade your bathroom, these house plants are one of the most candidates. So, it’s time to grow some for your bathroom!

#1 Fiddle-Leaf Figs

Fiddles like to dry out a little between thorough waterings and thrive when given the occasional humidity boost. If your bathroom has a large window or skylight with bright, indirect light, fiddle-leaf figs will really enjoy the humidity of a bathroom.

#2 Boston Ferns

Without a healthy dose of humidity, ferns are likely to crisp right up. It’s for this reason that ferns make for great shower plants, as they absorb the warm humidity through their leaves like a natural dehumidifier.

#3 Pothos

Pothos are incredibly hardy and tolerate a variety of growing conditions, including the humidity of a shower. This makes them a great choice to help absorb some of the humidity in a bathroom.

#4 Palm Plants

The light and humidity of a sunny bathroom are perfect for a palm plant. Turn your bathroom into a spa-like oasis with a palm plant to help decrease the humidity of the space.

#5 Orchids

Orchids can thrive in many conditions but they love 50 to 70 per cent humidity, which makes them ideal for absorbing some of the humidity of a bathroom

#6 Peace Lilies

With their big, glossy leaves, peace lilies don’t just love humidity, they also love to be kept in a moist environment like in the bathroom.

#7 Air Plants

Air plants absorb moisture and nutrients through their leaves. In addition to the natural humidity of a bathroom, give air plants a soak in a sink filled with water once a week to help keep them happy.

#8 Bromeliads

The bright and colourful bromeliad is a great way to add a splash of colour to your bathroom. They prefer a moist and humid environment, making them great bathroom plants.

#9 English Ivy

English ivy is easy to care for and thrives in humid environments like bathrooms. This classic plant trails and vines as it grows, which makes it great on a high shelf or climbing up a trellis.

#10 Snake Plants

The snake plant, also known as mother-in-law’s tongue, has a reputation as an indestructible plant. This gorgeous plant is also reputed to have air-filtering properties, which makes it a good choice to help reduce humidity in a bathroom.

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