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15 Perennial Plants To Attract Bees To Your Garden

Finding plants that turn your garden into an attractive destination for the bees? Perennials come as a perfect solution. They produce beautiful fragrant blooms that are long lasting. And the bees can’t resist these. These beneficial pollinators will visit your garden regularly, then do good for many plants in your garden. If you prefer natural gardening methods, you should never miss this.

Here are 15 perennial plants to attract bees to your garden we would like to share today. As they are perennials, they will return your garden season after season if provided with proper care. Plants that not only add more colors to your color but also attract beneficial pollinators to your garden. Look no further. These will save you a lot of time and budget for gardening. It’s also worth mentioning that these bee friendly plants can provide a feast for many other pollinators as well. Let’s check them out!

#1 Gold Heart Bleeding Heart

Gold Heart Bleeding Heart is known for its golden yellow foliage and pink and white heart-shaped blooms appearing in late Winter to early Spring. These blossoms are appealing to bees and hummingbirds. You can plant this perennial as a border plant, in containers, as a specimen, or as a focal point in your garden.

#2 Hepatica Acutiloba

White to lavender blooms with an occasional pink bloom are what makes Hepatica Acutiloba stand out. These blooms appear in early to mid Spring and are very appealing to bees. These plants prefer living in normal, acidic, or wet soil condition. This woodland wildflower will spread and slowly naturalize over time.

#3 Mertensia Virginica or Virginia Bluebells

Bees can’t resist to pink to light blue blooms of Mertensia Virginica or Virginia Bluebells. These appear in April and May and attract bees, particularly female bumblebees. Butterflies and moths are also attracted to them. Plant in woodland soil conditions – a slightly wet soil. By midSummer, Virginia Bluebells will go dormant.

#4 Scarlet Flame Phlox

Scarlet Flame Phlox is also called Moss Phlox or Creeping Phlox. This perennials produce bold magenta red blooms in April and May and these attracts bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds to the garden. Grow these plants along a garden border or on a rock wall for stunning color in mid Spring.

#5 Asclepias Gay Butterflies Mixture or Milkweed

Asclepias Gay Butterflies Mixture is a mix of brilliant fiery red, orange, and yellow blooms. These appear in June and July and attract bees, hummingbirds, and many types of beneficial insects. This perennial is deer resistant and thrives in full Sun.

#6 Delphinium Percival or Perennial Larkspur

Delphinium Percival is a summer blooming perennial flower. It has slender spires of densely packed white florets on lacy foliage. These attract bees, butterflies, hummingbirds, and many other beneficial insects. Rabbit resistant.

#7 Salvia New Dimension Blue or Meadow Sage

Salvia New Dimension Blue or Meadow Sage features intense deep violet blue blooms appearing from early to late Summer. These are beneficial for pollinators. This bee friendly perennial attracts both butterflies and hummingbirds. Grow Meadow Sage on a slope or bank, as edging or borders, or in containers.

#8 Echinops Ritro or Globe Thistle

Echinops Ritro or Globe Thistle shows off silvery foliage that deeply cut shaped lances with globes of blue. These globes appear in summer, and are an excellent cut flower or used in dried floral arrangement. They’re appealing to all pollinators. Tolerant of hot dry sites and seaside/salt conditions. Deer resistant thistle attracts butterflies, and is bee friendly.

#9 Baby Joe or Dwarf Joe Pye Weed

Baby Joe is also called Dwarf Joe Pye Weed. It bears purple blooms with a sweet fragrance in mid to late Summer. These are appealling to bees, birds, hummingbirds, and butterflies. This plant can be planted in containers or used as cut flowers.

#10 Rudbeckia Prairie Sun or Gloriosa Daisy

Rudbeckia Prairie Sun or Gloriosa Daisy is known for its beautiful peachy orange petals with yellow tips and green centers. This summer bloominh perennial is bee friendly, attracts butterflies, and is beneficial for pollinators. This robust perennial can be planted in either normal, clay, sandy, or acidic soil conditions. Tolerant of seaside/salt or road salt conditions.

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