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15 Unique DIY Hanging Planter Ideas

Looking for something special and impressive to make your house more beautiful, you are on the right track. Here we have 15 unique DIY hanging planter ideas that you will fall in love with. These ideas will give your garden a playful look. They’re great to hang on the outside wall, on the backyard fence, or right inside the house. Those who love flowers and natural home decorations should never miss these. They’re pretty but way easier to grow than you think.

Taking them a look, they are so attractive, right? Each has its own beauty that you will have different exciting experiments. Some are lovely planting pots, others impress by their own rustic because you can reuse from old or discarded objects, like hats, plastic bottles, tin cans, purse… They can completely turn into beautiful hanging planters that create their own characteristics for your garden. So, it’s time to save them and try a few ideas, you will be surprised!

#1 Hanging Seashell Planter

You’ll need some big conch shells, threads to tie, soil, trailing succulents or you can also use air plants.

#2 DIY Hanging Air Plant Holder

This is an impressive DIY for indoors. This unique plant holder is cool to display air plants.

#3 Ice Cream Cone DIY Hanging Planter

A fun DIY hanging planter idea for Ice cream lovers.

#4 DIY Hanging Terrarium

The DIY hanging terrarium planter is perfect for keeping indoors, and it looks awesome.

#5 DIY Mason Jar Hanging Planter

The Mason jars are so versatile, and you can have a few ideas here. This DIY mason jar planter is not hanging but actually clamped a wonderful idea.

#6 Hanging Hat Planter

If you have a few old hats, use them for this bizarre idea.

#7 Hanging Plastic Bottle Planter

A simple idea for upcycling old plastic bottles and turn them into beautiful hanging plant pots.

#8 Creative Hanging Planter

This is a hanging idea to hang on your window.

#9 Tin Can Hanging Planter

If you have tin cans in your homes that you’re about to throw, make use of them to grow annuals, succulents, or herbs, and hang them

#10 DIY Hanging Planters Out of Metal Bowls

These hanging planters are so unique and made of metal bowls.

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