16 Best Beautiful Chinese Evergreen Types

When it comes to bringing green to the living space, houseplants are the top option that many homeowners choose. If you also are looking for houseplants to grow in the home, you are in the right place. In the article, we’ve rounded up the 16 Best Beautiful Chinese Evergreen Types you can grow easily in the home without caring much. Check them out with us.

Not only bring green space or belong to an easy to care plant but also these Chinese Evergreen varieties give some great benefits to health. For example, helping to improve the air quality of your indoor spaces by filtering air pollutants and toxins. Emit Oxygen, which assists in increasing productivity and enhancing health and well-being both in living and working spaces. In Feng Shui, the evergreen foliage represents purity, nature, and the positive energy it radiates. Growing some surrounding yourself will help you connect with nature, get rid of your stress, and remain calm. That is the reason why we want to write about them, keep reading!

#1 Cutlass

Source: Nouveauraw

The Cutlass variety has blade-like streaked green and white leaves with deep green central veins.

#2 Maria Christina

Source: Etsy

Maria Christina has slightly small and dense leaves, it can tolerate cold.

#3 Emerald Bay

Source: Englishgardens

Emerald Bay displays a beautiful fusion of dark green edges with a silver-gray center.

#4 First Diamond

Source: Wowsomeblossome

First Diamond features heavily variegated green and white leaves, atop short stems, resemble dieffenbachia.

#5 Maria

Source: Planterina

Maria is a slow-growing and easy-to-care variety that offers deep and light green patterned leaves.

#6 Silver Queen

Source: Gardentags

This cultivar looks like Maria Christina. It has silver-green lance-shaped foliage that looks great on short stems.

#7 BJ Freeman

Source: Garden

This Chinese Evergreen type exhibits large leaves with gray, green, and white markings.

#8 Brilliant

Source: Nestreeo

Brilliant has foliage that is brilliantly mottled with cream-white midrib and creamy gray splotches on the dark green surface.

#9 Burmese Evergreen

Source: Plants.ces.ncsu.edu

Burmese Evergreen is an apt choice for low-light areas like offices and urban apartments, it grows well in minimum sunlight.

#10 Silver Bay

Source: Nouveauraw

Silver Bay offers green leaves with white stripes and pale green stems.

#11 Tigress

Source: Etsy

Tigress showcases long olive green leaves with white-green stripes.

#12 Cory

Source: Reddit

Cory produces green leaves patterned in silver-green feathery stripes on white or cream-hued stems.

#13 Pictum Tricolor

Source: Botanically

Pictum Tricolor has camouflage-pattern leaves that make this houseplant truly stand out from the rest of the varieties.

#14 Silver King

Source: Carousell

Silver King puts off dark green foliage with silver hues from the prime vein of the leaf.

#15 Malay Beauty

Source: Mudfingers

Malay Beauty has unique leaves with a dark green hue and bright silver splotches.

#16 Amelia

Source: Garden

This Chinese Evergreen shows off variegated dark green silver-gray leaves.

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