16 Charming Blue Flowers To Grow In The Garden

When it comes to bringing a refresh to your garden, there’s no color as bold and bright as blue. So, in the article today, we will share the 16 Charming Blue Flowers To Grow In The Garden that will have your garden looking better than ever. It’s time to skip the pink zinnias, golden daffodils, and fiery hibiscus plants, and spruce up your landscape with lavender-blue, electric cobalt, and deep indigo blossoms. After all, you will know that Nothing gives a hearty dose of curb appeal like baby blue blooms.

Do you know that there are so many flowering plants on earth, but blue flowers are rare? So, this also makes them all the more special. These flowers can give you a picturesque garden by pairing blue flowers with pink or orange blooms for a wonderful contrast in the garden. Growing them in your garden is an easy way to see the fresh, vibrant, and cheerful colors of the green leaves and the beautiful flowers that will help your soul more relax, and love life more. At the same time, these cool blue flowers are also a balm for the eyes on a hot summer day. It’s time to grow them now.

#1 Swan River Daisies

Source: Gardenerspath

Swan River Daisies showcase little flowers with a fun pop of color to make your garden space more interesting. This flower can grow well in a variety of soil environments and have decent heat tolerance, as well as disease resistance.

#2 Blue Phlox

Source: Fineartamerica

Blue Phlox produces open clusters of powder-blue or lavender-blue in the spring to add a sweep of bright color over your flowerbed floor.

#3 Forget-Me-Nots

Source: Gardeningknowhow

Forget-Me-Nots blooms from spring into summer. This flower spreads like a ground cover that makes it is perfect for filling in the gaps in your garden.

#4 Grape Hyacinth

Source: Fireflyfarmandmercantile

Grape Hyacinth produces deep blue bulbs that look like miniature clusters of grapes, hence the name.

#5 Sea Holly

Source: Lovetoknow

Sea Holly puts off prickly blooms, then they turn into globe-like thistles that look stunning

#6 ‘Blue Boy’ Cornflower

Source: Happyvalleyseeds

‘Blue Boy’ Cornflower offers double blue color for a dramatic pop of pigment making your small garden a cozy cottage garden style.

#7 Perennial Geraniums

Source: Costafarms

Perennial Geraniums is a true blue flower. Its flowers can attract both butterflies and bees going to visit your garden. Also, it is drought-resistant and disease resistant.

#8 Blue Angel’ Salvia

Source: Fbts

Blue Angel’ Salvia shows off a deeper blue than other plants. It is also referred to as sage plants. This flower type is relatively easy to grow and come in wonderful shades of blue.

#9 Virginia Bluebells

Source: Luriegarden

Virginia Bluebells show off clusters of baby blue to add curb appeal to your garden. Its flowers attract scores of bees and butterflies.

#10 ‘Cambridge Blue’ Lobelia

Source: Seedstreet

Cambridge Blue’ Lobelia has flowers that are similar tubular, the flower is electric in color and full of personality. In spring annual,it bloom in dense, compact clumpings.

#11 ‘Heavenly Blue’ Morning Glory

Source: Gardenia

‘Heavenly Blue’ Morning Glory is an annual specie that produces pure sky-blue flowers with yellow throats. Its blooming period lasts from summer until frost.

#12 French Hydrangeas

Source: Thespruce

French hydrangeas will take on a bright sky blue color. This flower prefers to grow in the soil slightly acidic.

#13 Balloon Flower

Source: Petalrepublic

Balloon Flower is a perennial blue flower. Its flower buds inflate like balloons before they pop open to reveal star-shaped blooms, hence the name.

#14 Blue Petunias

Source: Bhg

Blue Petunias is a classic flower that can be found easily everywhere. This plant holds up much better to summer heat and humidity than their predecessors.

#15 Blue Daisies

Source: Atozflowers

Blue Daisies feature sky blue petals and a light yellow center. It is a low-maintenance, fast-growing, and wind-resistant plant. It requires only moderate water and care.

#16 Lily of the Nile

Source: Gardeningknowhow

Lily of the Nile blooms like little bursts of blue fireworks. When bloomed, you’ll be set with an abundance of cut flowers for at-home bouquets. It requires very little upkeep once planted.

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