16 Different Varieties Of Begonias You Can Grow

The wax begonias are the most common container and landscape plants that many people know and love growing. However, there are more than one, even at least 10000 species of this plant that not all people know the interesting thing. And in the article, we’ve listed the best beautiful 16 Different Varieties Of Begonias You Can Grow as well as will certainly help in narrowing your choice on the type of begonia that should make it in your landscape.

These flowers bring natural beauty both indoors and outdoors anywhere they are planted. So, whether you grow them in any spots around your home, they will liven up your living space better than ever. Not just that display charming and bright flowers but are also these begonias laden with meanings and symbols like all other flowers and plants, which convey love, compassion, open-mindedness, and growth. So, if you love their beauties and secrets, growing some surely give you great different excitement.

#1 Tuberous Begonias

Source: Gardengatemagazine

Tuberous Begonias have large, showy, neon-colored flowers that bloom from mid-summer to fall. They fare well both indoors and outdoors.

#2 Double Begonias

Source: Birdsandblooms

The flowers of Double Begonias look like roses. They are bushy, compact, and they feature large, double flowers of white, orange, pink, and red.

#3 Hardy Begonias

Source: Morningchores

Hardy Begonias just have flowers in white and pink colors. They are the hardiest types of begonias, hence the name.

#4 Hanging Begonias

Source: Gardenia

Hanging Begonias are prolific bloomers, producing large, and showy, bright-colored flowers every month.

#5 Flowering Begonias

Source: Greenhousegrower

Flowering Begonias have showy flowers. They prefer cool temperatures, so they grow well indoors. They do not last long, and they require more meticulous care tips.

#6 Non-stop Begonias

Source: Gardenia

Non-stop Begonias continually bloom, small two-toned flowers all summer and up to early fall. Their colors range from bright yellow, rose pink, orange and white with splashes of pink.

#7 Multiflora Begonias

Source: Unknow

Multiflora Begonias displays clusters of flowers droop down from one stalk. They come in yellow, pink, scarlet, salmon, and apricot colors.

#8 Fimbriata Begonias

Source: Farmergracy

Fimbriata Begonias have sturdy, fleshy stems, and fringed, drooping petals of peach, pink, and white colors. They have dark green, serrated foliage that is also drooping in nature.

#9 Rex Begonias

Source: Plantindex

Rex Begonias have the showiest foliage of all species. Their flowers, however, are small and insignificant. They are usually planted as houseplants.

#10 Interspecific Begonias

Source: Clearwatercolor

Interspecific Begonias have large flowers and bloom many. The color of their blooms comes in red, pink, and white blooming from mid-spring to early winter.

#11 Double Picotee Begonias

Source: Mullerseeds

Double Picotee Begonias are two-toned begonias, with double flowers that look like roses.

#12 Bolivian Begonias

Source: Jardineriaon

Bolivian Begonias show off small flowers that have a pendulous growth habit and their stems are dangling. Their natural colors are red and orange but hybrids now sport pink, yellow, and two-tone flowers.

#13 Wax Begonias

Source: Thespruce

Wax Begonias offer small, waxy leaves with equally small flowers.

#14 Angel Wing Begonias

Source: Houseplantsexpert

Angel Wing Begonias have bamboo-like stems. They have their spotted leaves and clusters of flowers.

#15 Dragon Wings Begonia

Source: Growjoy

Dragon Wings Begonia produces tiny flowers that come in white, red, and pink colors and bloom profusely and continuously from spring to fall. The stems are thin but fleshy plus the foliage is oval and lancing, glossy, finely serrated, and with a pink outline.

#16 Rhizomatous Begonias

Source: Gardentags

Rhizomatous Begonias have fleshy roots and stems that creep along the soil’s surface.

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