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16 Great Uses Of Vinegar In Garden That You Should Know

16 Great Uses Of Vinegar In Garden That You Should Know

Killing weeds, repelling ants, insects, and harmful animals for plants, or cleaning tools … these are benefits from using vinegar. So it is not only used in the kitchen but also is a miracle in the garden! And in the post today, we want to share 16 Great Uses Of Vinegar In Garden That You Should Know. Using vinegar is very simple, and easy. Moreover, vinegar is quite common, you can buy it anywhere or it is available in your house.

Maybe you don’t know vinegar contains acetic acid – is an effective natural herbicide as well as it is safe for users. This method is less toxic than herbicides, so many gardeners prefer to use vinegar to replace expensive chemicals. And if you are looking for ways to protect your garden, these are good recommendations to start. It’s time to check them out with us!

#1 Detering Snakes

White vinegar has a pungent odor, and due to this odor, snakes are repelled by it. The best way to apply is to spray a white vinegar solution on the perimeter of your garden and especially any entrances snake can find into your property.

#2 Kill Slugs And Snails

Of many uses of vinegar, this one is getting popular among gardeners. You can kill snails and slugs with the help of vinegar.

#3 Make Acid-loving Plants Happy

Keeping the acid-loving plants such as rhododendrons, gardenias, or azaleas happy with vinegar. Although its effect is temporary, you can give a quick acid boost to plants with vinegar. Mix cup of white vinegar to a gallon of water and water you acid loving plants with this solution.

#4 Clean Clay Pots

As clay pots age, they absorb calcium, minerals, and salts from water and fertilizers all making them look ugly. If you want to bring them to their original glory, let use vinegar.

#5 Get Rid Of Ants

Vinegar is very effective in getting rid of ants. To repel ants, mix equal amounts of water and vinegar (either white or apple cider) and spray the solution on the ant hills in your garden. In the home, look out for ant’s entry paths, countertops, sink, and windows. The strong scent of vinegar will make the ants avoid the places sprayed with vinegar.

#6 Keep Animals Away From The Garden

Many animals ike rodents, moles, cats, dogs, rabbits, and deer loathe the strong scent of vinegar. You can keep out these unwanted visitors from the garden by soaking several old clothes in white vinegar and placing them on stakes around your garden where they usually come most. And resoak the clothes about every 6-7 days regularly for better results.

#7 Extend The Life Of Cut Flowers

You can use vinegar to extend the life of cut flowers. Add two tablespoons of vinegar and a teaspoon of sugar per liter of water.

#8 Kill Weeds

Vinegar is a weed killer and can be used for effective weed control. Spraying it kills weeds within 2-3 days after application.

#9 Vinegar Garden Insect Spray

Vinegar is an effective solution for eliminating garden insects. To create a vinegar spray that works on garden insects, combine three parts water with one part vinegar in a spray bottle and add a teaspoon of dishwashing detergent. Shake the spray bottle to mix the contents thoroughly before use in the garden.

#10 Deter Fruit Flies

Save your fruit crops from the fruit flies by using vinegar. For this, you’ll need a cup of water, half a cup of apple cider vinegar, 1/4 cup of sugar and 1 tbsp of molasses. Mix it all and put that solution in an empty container or tin can and hang it on affected fruit tree you’ll see how it will attract and trap them.

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