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16 Magic Powers Of Banana Peels

16 Magic Powers Of Banana Peels

Using banana peels as a fertilizer is a familiar secret for most gardeners. They are easy to decompose, and when decomposed they can provide large amounts of Potassium and Phosphorus for your plants. Plants will be stimulated to grow, flower much, and exist long-lasting. In addition, banana skin is rich in nutrients because it contains many vitamins B6 and B12…, these are beneficial for health. So banana peels are also used for beauty, even polished silver, or utensils. Because the same fruit acids that make banana peels ideal for rejuvenating skin also make them perfect for polishing silver.

After reading our article today, instead of throwing them away, you’ve got a bunch of ideas to reuse them more useful. And here are 16 magic power of banana peels that we are so glad to share. Stopping chat here, you’re ready to explore their secret with us. Let’s start!

#1 Compost

Use banana peels to mix them into the compost pile. Peels add potassium and phosphorus to compost which promotes root development and overall plant health when incorporated into garden soil.

#2 Compost Tea

If you don’t have a compost pile, you can still use banana peels to feed your garden. Simply drop a few peels into a bucket full of water and let it sit for a couple of days to make compost “tea.” Mix one part banana peel compost “tea” with five parts of fresh water and feed this mineral-rich mixture to your plants about once per month in lieu of your normal watering.

#3 Feed Your Seedlings

Chop up (0r cut) banana peels and bury one or two small pieces in the soil at the bottom of planting holes or seed-starting containers to give your young plants a boost of nutrients that will aid in root development and disease resistance.

#4 Dried Peel Fertilizer

One final tip for using banana peels as fertilizer is to dry them completely then grind the peels and incorporate them into the soil in your garden.

#5 Deter Aphids

Bury a few small pieces of ripe banana peel just under the surface of the soil around garden plants which are prone to aphids. The tiny garden pests don’t like the gases emitted by decomposing peels and will quickly seek more appealing feeding grounds. Be sure to only use a few small pieces as the pungent aroma of whole peels may attract wasps, rodents, and other larger pests in search of a sweet snack.

#6 Shine Up Houseplants

Rub the soft fleshy side of a banana peels on the leaves of your houseplants to clean off dust or debris and give them a healthy glow.

#7 Livestock Feed

Humans are not the only ones who enjoy bananas. Livestock like chickens, rabbits, and pigs will enjoy ground up dried banana peels added to their feed.

#8 Soothe Skin Irritations

Rub moist banana peels on bug bites, stings, and other skin irritations. The fruit acids, vitamins, and minerals will not only help to soothe away pain and itching. They’re also great for your skin!

#9 Improve Your Complexion

Massage a piece of ripe banana peel over your entire face once every few days. The fruit acids and nutrients in the peel can help to exfoliate and nourish your skin, giving it a softer, younger, and healthier appearance.

#10 Remove Warts

Sick and tired of that nasty wart that just won’t go away? Tried everything at the pharmacy. Great new information, you can use banana peel to get rid of these persistent blemishes. Simply rub a piece of ripe peel over the wart each night before bed and watch it fade.

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