18 Big Landscaping Ideas for Your Small Backyards

Not everyone has lucky with a big backyard, and you too! You have space but it is limited! Don’t worry, for tighter outdoor spaces, you just a matter of practicing smart design on a smaller scale. Once you start researching, you’ll find that garden styles and solutions are limitless, there’s a backyard for every petite plot of land. And a collection today has great solutions for you!

We’ve found 23 diverse designs and solutions for small backyards and outdoor spaces, from urban to suburban and everything else in between. With these ideas here, whether you live in an apartment, condo, townhouse, loft, or a house that has more indoor than outdoor space, you can still carve out a yard with soil, trees, plants, patios, seating, and even water features. Taking them a look to find one that you love most as well as it is suitable for your space!

#1 Yard for a Historic Home

#2 Spanish Bungalow

#3 Turning the Front yard into the Backyard

#4 Backyard with a Hot Tub and Barbecue

#5 Another Part of the Yard

#6 Asian-Inspired Backyard

#7 Tiny Toronto Backyard

#8 Neat and Vertical Backyard

#9 Reimagined Brooklyn Brownstone

#10 Brooklyn Bluestone

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