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18 Garden Plants Worth Your Time And Money

Think of plants that give you bang for your buck? Then look no further. This post is about 18 garden plants that are worth your time and money. They are plants that enable you to harvest plenty but require little budget, time and maintenance. Not only do farmers concern this, but gardening-lovers also get interested in. Who do not want to get maximum yield with what they’ve grown in their garden? It’s some sort of achievement. These garden produce can be used for family cooking, bought at market or given to family, friends and neighbors as a gift.

Most of us prefer plants that are easy to grow but offer big crops. Let’s take an example with perennial plants, especially herbs. You need only to grow them once but can harvest them for years. The following crop might be even bigger than the previous one. Some even produce at all seasons. It means that these herbs can meet the need of family cooking. So good, right? Let’s check them out!

#1 Lavender

Lavender comes first in this collection. It does not require a lot of care but produce more than you expect. It’s an incredibly aromatic herb and can help mosquitoes, flies, fleas and moths while attracting pollinators to your garden. It’s also a material to make beauty and skin products. Why not plant this plant in your garden?

#2 Apple Tree

Apple trees provide fantastic value for money, especially if grown from seed. It does not require a lot of maintenance. You can even grow it in pots and containers.

#3 Clethra

Clethra is a stunning fragrant shrub. It produces beautiful white flowers with dark green leaves, making it striking in your garden. These flowers, moreover, are appealing to butterflies and bees. As it even blooms well in shady areas, you can grow it in borders and corners.

#4 Black-Eyed Susan

The wild flower black-eyed susan should definitely be introduced here. It’s an eye-catching self-seeding perennial that will be striking in your garden when blooming (from mid-July through mid-September). These blooms come in bronze, mahogany and red.

It grows well even in poor soil and dry conditions, and can attracts bees and other pollinator to your garden.

#5 Trailing Nasturtiums

Trailing nasturtiums needs little care, and add fun and color to raised garden beds or hanging baskets. They bloom at all seasons and even go well in partial shade. Amazingly, they are edible.

#6 Amaranth

Amaranth makes its name for its green foliage and deep red flowers. Dry the flowers, and you can use them to create a protein-rich and gluten-free flour, benefiting your wallet and your health!

#7 Celosia

Celosia means ‘burning’ in Greek. When planted next to each other, this plant resembles fire. It blooms in a variety of colors such as red, pink, purple, and gold, and last for up to 10 weeks. It grows well in any soil, and does best in hot climates as perennials, or elsewhere as annuals. As it’s self-seeding, you do not need to pay any extra effort on it.

#8 Daylilies

Daylily is a beautiful perennial flower that your garden should spend a space for. It will return your garden year after year with minimal care. Their bright, six-petaled flowers add color and texture to any garden. Plus, this plant is easy to divide in order to multiply.

#9 Snapdragons

If you crave bright colorful flowers that are easy to care, these snapdragon is an excellent choice for you. It is long blooming and comes in over 40 varieties. They grow well in damp soil, blooming from late summer to early autumn when many other flowers are long gone. They also attract butterflies to your garden.

#10 Zinnia

Zinnias are an easy, inexpensive annual plant you should grow in your garden. They add colors to any outdoor summer space. Just little watering once established will do the trick. They grow well everywhere – from garden beds and hanging baskets to window pots and balcony containers.

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