18 House Plant Garden Ideas To Place In Bedroom Window

18 House Plant Garden Ideas To Place In Bedroom Window

Modern bedroom interior design with green trees is a new trend and preferred by many people in recent times. Although there are some people who believe that don’t plant trees in the bedroom because they will absorb oxygen and release carbon dioxide at night, it isn’t good for health. This opinion is not wrong but if you plant trees at the right density, that is okay. This not only has no negative effects but also helps you improve your sleep. Or, you can choose trees that absorb carbon dioxide at night, they will good for your health, also help the room cooler.

And in the post today, we want to share 18 house plant garden ideas to place in the bedroom window that can transform the appearance of your bedroom to become greater. With a list of designs here, we sure that you will choose one that is suitable for your favorite. If you are a nature -lover, these designs are great choices for you. Check them out with us.

#1 Plant Cuttings Propagation Against the Window

You can dedicate a vertical space to propagate cuttings in your bedroom, just like above.

#2 Mini Jungle By the Bedroom Window

Grow your favorite plants in different pots, use plant stands, and hang some of them by the window to give your bedroom a mini jungle look.

#3 Succulent Garden by the Windowsill

These mini-plants will add a lot of appeal to your bedroom while they bask in the glory of sunlight by the bedroom window.

#4 A Window Full of Herbs

A well-lit window is the best place to grow herbs as these small plants do best in light. They’ll look good, and you’ll have fresh supplies for the food.

#5 Plants on the Tabletop

Get a table and place it by the bedroom window, and keep your plants on it.

#6 Add Hanging Planters

Fix a metal frame like the above picture or anything that can support hanging planters.

#7 Bedroom Full of Plants

It’s a wonderful idea if you would like to share your life with plants this way.

#8 A Botanical Window

Bring a touch of a sanctuary to your bedroom by growing your favorite plants by the window.

#9 Greenery by a Bright Window

Add up to the look of your minimalistic bedroom by growing plants near a bright window.

#10 Hanging Pots on the Bedroom Window

Hang plants in small pots that do well in low light by the window.

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