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18 Live Aquarium Plants That Fishes Love

If you want to add some plants to your aquarium, the 18 Live Aquarium Plants are a great addition and your fishes will love them. For the simple reason, live aquarium plants help create an environment more similar to the natural habitat of ornamental fish and make your water features more attractive. They also help adjust the water hardness and pH, increase the dissolved oxygen in the water, and maintain the relative health of the fish.

In addition to creating a thriving aquatic environment for your fish, adding natural beauty, these plants are also great if you have mini ponds or water pots filled with fish. These plants can filter out waste from fishes, replicate natural habitats, and help aerate the aquarium. Just some small water plant in a corresponding decorative pot can invite harmony. Spend your time to learn about them!

#1 Marimo Moss Balls

Source: Japanesefightingfish

Marimo Moss Balls are beautiful spherical algae that grow on rocks or free-floating.

#2 Umbrella Hair Grass

Source: Aquariumplantsfactory

Umbrella Hair Grass is a thin-stalked, densely growing plant that does well in nutrient-rich water with generous light.

#3 Carolina Fanwort

Source: Itsafishthing

Carolina Fanwort is an aquatic herbaceous perennial that has fragile, short, rhizomes.

#4 Hydrocotyle Japan

Source: Carousell

Hydrocotyle Japan is a perennial herb that has vibrant green leaves reminiscent of clovers growing in bunches.

#5 Parrot’s Feather

Source: Kingcounty

Parrot’s Feather has feather-like fronds and needs some direct light to grow happily.

#6 Hygrophila

Source: Lincspplants

Hygrophila is a common swamp weed, it grows and spreads rapidly. Goldfish loves eating this plant so, you should not grow it when having this fish in the aquarium.

#7 Amazon Sword

Source: Aquariumnexus

Amazon Sword is a hardy aquatic plant, it thrives in nutrient-dense as it is a heavy root feeder.

#8 Lucky Bamboo

Source: Stackexchange

You can place Lucky Bamboo either fully or partially submerged in aquariums.

#9 Moneywort

Source: Guppiesforsale

Moneywort grows quickly and works well in taller tanks. You can trim it and grow its cutting in the substrate.

#10 Spongeplant

Source: Fishinformer

Spongeplant forms thick mats across the surface of the water, providing pleasant shade in aquarium environments.

#11 Water Hawthorn

Source: Wallpaperflare

Water Hawthorn is a bulb plant that does best in large aquariums. Its leaves float on the water’s surface providing shade for fish and other plants.

#12 Water Trumpet

Source: Itsafishthing

Water Trumpet prefers highly stable conditions and grows well in low light conditions.

#13 Vallisneria

Source: Badmanstropicalfish

Vallisneria has narrow, linear leaves that form a dense cover at the water’s surface.

#14 Dwarf Anubias

Source: Fishkeepingproject

Dwarf Anubias is a short-stemmed plant producing dark green leaves. It prefers to grow well partially or fully submerged creating a layer at the base of aquariums for small fish to hide or in smaller tanks.

#15 Hornwort

Source: Adverts

Hornwort becomes a bushy mass with numerous side shoots, its fluffy fronds provide cover for small fish. It favors still or very slow-moving water.

#16 Brazilian Waterweed

Source: Gardeningknowhow

Brazilian Waterweed grows particularly well in tanks with nutrient-rich water and bright light so Its offshoots need to be trimmed in most aquariums.

#17 American Waterweed

Source: Aquariumnexus

American Waterweed is a perennial aquatic plant it can grow prolifically in favorable conditions. It starts in the mud at the bottom of the water as a young plant, producing roots at intervals along the stem that may anchor into a substrate or float freely.

#18 Java Fern Source: Aquariumfish

Java Fern is quite easy to care for and used as a background plant in smaller tanks, or as a mid-ground accent to taller plants in larger tanks.

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