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18 Vegetables Can Grow Well In Sandy Soil

You love planting vegetables but your garden only has sandy soil. This leads to some troubles when growing veggies because of their harshness. And you don’t know what are the vegetable can grow on this soil type, right? Don’t think a lot! In this post today, we’ve collected types of vegetables that suit your sandy soil and give a high yield. Check them out with us.

Sandy soil is difficult to deal with sandy soil but we can’t forget that we can also get some benefits from it as it drains well and you can easily dig in, sandy soil helps to avoid fungal diseases in the garden. The best quality of sandy soil is that it can easily warm up early as compared to the other types of soil, which means you can start planting earlier in the season. For the reasons, you should not ignore this soil, you just choose the right veggies to grow you will still have a bountiful harvest. And these vegetables are one of the best candidates that we searched a lot to share today. So, gave and grow t them for your soil.

#1 Carrots

Sandy soil is a perfect growing medium for carrots as it provides depth to the roots. This soil is malleable and allows carrots to push through it and helps to grow large beneath the surface.

#2 Radishes

Like carrots, radishes also grow well in sandy soils. Sandy soil is porous and malleable than clay soil. All the deep-rooted vegetables find sand a more suitable medium for them.

#3 Potatoes

Potatoes grow well in acidic soil. That’s why they easily thrive in sandy soil. Soil with acidic quality helps to eliminate the possibility of scab.

#4 Lettuce

Lettuce is a leafy vegetable that can thrive in sandy soil. It can tolerate the dryness of sandy soil but it doesn’t mean that you show carelessness in watering the lettuce crop.

#5 Tomatoes

Tomato is such a type of plant which needs a well-drained habitat for its growth. So, it likes warm environments that sandy soil provides them.

#6 Zucchini

It is a summer crop that performs exceptionally well in warm and well-drained soil, so sandy soil is the perfect condition to have a good yield.

#7 Beans

Beans prefer well-drained soil but it is necessary to provide them with all possible and major nutrients. You should add the proper amount of compost to get the maximum yield of beans. It is not an easy task to deal with sandy soil and grow your favorite vegetable.

#8 Cucumber

Cucumbers perform well in the presence of well-drained soil; it means the sandy medium is perfect for their great yield.

#9 Onions

Onions grow beneath the surface of the ground. Onions like a warm environment and grow in sand.

#10 Garlic

You can plant garlic after the first frost in fall. You can also buy garlic from the market but homegrown garlic is fresher.

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