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19 Brilliant Book Storage Ideas For Small Spaces

You are a person who loves collecting books but there are more and more books and they far exceed the square footage of your home. Don’t worry if you are reading the post today. Here is the list of 19 Brilliant Book Storage Ideas For Small Spaces. They not only give smart storage solutions but also bring the best-looking. From inconspicuous floating shelves to corner solutions, or bookshelf under the stair. It’s time to explore our guide to book storage and be inspired to tidy up your collection!

What’s more, most importantly your book will be well-organized, safe, and comfortable for finding. These organized book ideas include bookcases, bookshelves, and racks to store and display books. Whether you buy an amazing book display or make a DIY books storage, or repurpose old woods or ladders, you will find several creative ideas. Keep staying here and checking our book storage recommendation today.

#1 A Bookshelf For The Corner Next To The Doorway

Source: Makeit-loveit

#2 A Bookshelf Under The Stair

Source: Apartmenttherapy

#3 A Simple Vertical Bookshelf

Source: Pinterest

#4 Floating Bookcase Shelf Project

Source: Howtobuildit

#5 A Bookshelf Next To The Stair Helping Divide The Living Space With Other Spaces In The Home

Source: Archdaily

#6 A Bookshelf Design In Bedroom

Source: Dezaart

#7 A Bookshelf Design Combine With The Stair

Source: Bhg

#8 Doorway Wall Storage Solution

Source: Digsdigs

#9 Lovely Simple Bookshelf Next To The Bed

Source: Style-files

#10 DIY Bookshelf With Wood

Source: Pickystitch

#11 Open and Airy Book Storage

Source: Roomandboard

#12 Children’s Reading Nook

Source: Decorpad

#13 Desk Book Organizing Idea

Source: Marthastewart

#14 A Smart Bookcase With A Tiny Seating

Source: Livinginashoebox

#15 A Rustic Bookshelf Made From Old Ladder

Source: Divé Kvety

#16 Wooden Corner Bookshelf

Source: Livinginashoebox

#17 Turn Your Hallway Into A Library

Source: Lindsey Runyon Design

#18 Build A Bookshelf Wall Next To A Doorway

Source: Laura Ashley

#19 Install Some Sneaky Book Storage

Source: Jody Stewart

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