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19 Dog-Friendly Plants That You Can Grow Around Your Home

If you are finding plants to grow in your garden or home, but you don’t sure which plants are dog-friendly? Look no further, this post today can be helpful. Here we’ve rounded up 19 Dog-Friendly Plants That You Can Grow Around Your Home that you will love adding their beauty and color to your living space without posing any threat to your pup.

These plants can be grown well indoors and outdoors with basic care. Most of them are houseplants, others are herbs or flowers. Each has its own beauty and will bring different excitement feelings. Not just that when it comes to benefits, they are both safe for your dogs but also good for health as some can purify the air. For the good reason, why you don’t choose some and grow them in your home to enjoy what great things they give.

#1 Christmas Catus

Source: Thespruce

Christmas Catus is a festive plant but it’s non-toxic. However, if your dog ingests it, it might cause mild discomfort in the intestine.

#2 Rosemary

Source: Ugaoo

Rosemary is not only non-toxic but also are good for memory boosting. It prefers to grow in full sun.

#3 Spider Plant

Source: Crocus

Spider Plant is good for human health by purifying the air and also is safe for pets.

#4 Staghorn Fern

Source: Thespruce

Staghorn Fern is a non-toxic plant without causing harm to dogs and displays foliage that looks like antlers of stag deer.

#5 African Violet

Source: Almanac

African Violet comes in violet, blue, pink, or white color that can brighten up any space in your home. It also is completely pet-safe and can grow in low-light.

#6 Zebra Cactus Plant

Source: Plantindex

Zebra Cactus Plant has unique leaves with a zebra-like white stripe pattern, and it doesn’t harm your pooch.

#7 Orchids

Source: Bhg

Orchids put out undeniably beautiful blooms and fragrances. Also, they are safe for dogs.

#8 Bird’s Nest Fern

Source: Brighterblooms

Bird’s Nest Fern is one of the best dog-friendly plants and can tolerate low light conditions.

#9 Hens and Chicks

Source: Thriftyfun

Hens and Chicks are gorgeous succulents. It needs lots of light with less frequent watering. Also, they are safe for dogs.

#10 Basil

Source: Farmersalmanac

All types of basil are safe for dogs, even they are healthy for dogs if they chew.

#11 Prayer Plant

Source: Thehealthyhouseplant

Prayer Plant is not only safe for dogs but also is one of the best air-purifying houseplants.

#12 Swedish Ivy

Source: Plantandpot

Swedish Ivy has trailing stems that make it look great when hang in a basket and it is not poisonous.

#13 Air Plants

Source: Gardenerspath

Air Plants are dog-friendly plants and also are great to grow without any care.

#14 Wax Plant (Hoya carnosa ‘krinkle kurl’)

Source: Ptosd

This plant has leaves and flowers that appear as if they are carved out of wax and it also is safe for your dogs.

#15 Bromeliads

Source: Thespruce

Bromeliads have that leaves that are exotic and colorful, and so are the blooms.

#16 Cast Iron Plant

Source: Thespruce

Cast Iron Plant is extremely hardy and low maintenance and a perfect choice for newbies, and it’s considered a pet-safe plant.

#17 Parlor Palm

Source: Hortzone

Parlor Palm is an excellent air-purifying plant and is one of the plants safe for dogs.

#18 African Daisy

Source: Gardeningknowhow

African Daisy does equally well both indoors and outdoors. This is a dog-friendly plant and doesn’t cause harm after ingestion.

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