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19 Easy-to-make DIY Fence Planter Ideas

19 Easy-to-make DIY Fence Planter Ideas

You are tired to look boring garden fence, if you want to plant to change it and make it more interesting, these ideas today will help. Here is the list of 19 Easy-to-make DIY Fence Planter Ideas to inspire this addition to your garden landscaping design. These ideas today not only give you more space to grow vegetables, herbs, plants but also turn your boring fence into living art.

These DIY planters are inexpensive and are nice to look at. From upcycling older items to choosing these practical and dramatic decorations. For example, using window frames with or without the glass, one interesting idea calls for using an old bicycle for flowers along the edge of the fence. Or choosing these decorations to range from the practical to the dramatic such as growing flowers and herbs to decorate the fence in many types like tin cans, clay pots, mason jars, plastic bottles. All of them are collected here for you, it’s time to make one or some for your fence now!

#1 Wooden Planters For Outdoor Plants

Source: Kurt Cramer

#2 Vertical Vegetble Garden

Source: Lowes

#3 Old Window Planter

Source: Homebnc

#4 Hanging Clay Pot Planters

Source: Diyncrafts

#5 Mental Planter

Source: Thediyvillage

#6 Frame Succulent Planters

Source: Thegardenglove

#7 Hanging Flower Basket Planters

Source: Decrocharm

#8 Colorful Clay Pot Planters

Source: Etsy

#9 Red Tin Can Planters

Source: Newlywoodwards

#10 Wooden Box Planters

Source: Tabitha hagger

#11 Colorful Tin Can Herb Planters

Source: Decoart

#12 DIY Hanging Flowerpots

Source: Poindextr

#13 Succulent Pocket Planters

Source: Countryliving

#14 Herb Planters

Source: Bhg

#15 Old Shoe Planters

Source: Thechicsite

#16 Old Bicycle Planter

Source: Twitter

#17 Plastic Bottle Planters

Source: Hometalk

#18 Marson Jar Planters

Source: Heatherednest

#19 Pocket Herb Planter

Source: Etsy

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